Sidewalk Maintenance, Debris Removal, & Reporting Responsibilities

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It is the homeowner/renter’s job to clear the sidewalks in front of their house of debris, over-growth, and snow within a reasonable amount of time.

This includes over-grown bushes and vines that impede access to sidewalks by walkers, carriages and strollers, and young bicyclists.

Please take notice of this and be aware that your fellow islanders will be walking on these sidewalks and need not worry about falling.

BE VERY CAREFUL OUT THERE, especially when EVERYTHING is slippery!

All sidewalk complaints should be sent to the Highway Superintendent. He is aware of the general shape of the sidewalks on FI as he and the Town Engineer have done (or will do) a survey of them.

Dan Goodwin
Southold Highway Superintendent

What should be brought to the Town Clerk’s attention are places where someone has tripped. An example of the type of notice that should be given to the Town Clerk will be added here shortly.

Denis Noncarrow
Southold Town Clerk

Here is the link to the Town Clerk’s page on the Town’s website. Sidewalk notice of defect is listed under other responsibilities:

Here is a link to the section of the Town Code to do with sidewalk defects and notice:

Subject: Sidewalk Maintenance

Here is the Town of Southold code section pertaining to clearing the snow and other debris from the sidewalks in front of one’s house:

Sidewalk Maintenance falls under Section 237-20 of the code:

§ 237-19 Intent. 

It is the intent of the Town Board to place the responsibility of keeping sidewalks clean with the property owners adjacent to the sidewalk.

§ 237-20 Snow and ice removal; general maintenance.

Each owner or occupant of any house or other building, and any owner or person entitled to possession of any vacant lot, and any person having charge of any church or any public building in the Town shall, during the winter season or during the time snow shall continue on the ground, keep the sidewalk in front of the lot or house free from obstruction by snow or ice and icy conditions and shall at all times keep the sidewalk in a clean condition, free from filth, dirt, weeds or other obstructions or encumbrances.

§ 237-21 Penalties for offenses.

[Added 3-1-2005 by L.L. No. 3-2005]

Any person violating any of the provisions of this article shall be guilty of a violation and, upon conviction thereof, shall be punishable by a fine not exceeding $250 for each offense. Each day’s continued violation shall constitute a separate additional offense or violation.

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