Fog Horn March 2022

March 2022: “Ice on the Rock” at South Beach, 11:24 am Valentine’s Day 2016 with temps at 8ºF and windchill of -9ºF. Photo by Marlin Bloethe

Volume 19 • Issue 3

In this Issue:

  • Photos Wanted for 2022 Museum Exhibits Year Round and Winter
  • Shoreline Protection Reconstruction at Elizabeth Field
  • The English Springer Spaniels on Fishers Island Exhibit
  • Southold plans to focus state funds on replacing lead service lines on Fishers Island
  • Plum Island Plans Up For Decision, Possible ‘Mega Donor’ Aboard
  • Worried about Alzheimer’s? Nick Wilmerding Brings Groundbreaking Tests to FI Residents
  • GD: Tending to grass and ghosts on Fishers Island
  • Fishers Island School BOE extends Superintendent/ Principal Contract
  • Job Posting: Fishers Island School Science Teacher
  • Job Posting: Fishers Island School Music Teacher
  • Job Posting: Fishers Island Yacht Club
  • Gardening March 2022
  • Ebb and Flow
  • Classified Ads
  • Legal Notices
  • Supporting
  • Calendar Events
    and much more!
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