Fog Horn January 2022

Volume 19 • Issue 1

In this Issue:

-Best Wishes to all in 2022!
-Southold opts out of retail marijuana, public consumption sites; [for now] -What Do You Think? re: Application of NYS Cannabis Law on Fishers Island
-Fishers Island Water Works Corporation: Water Infrastructure Financing
-Elizabeth Field is 1 of 7 LI Airports included in the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act
-FI Fire District Resolution Adopted subject to Permissive Referendum re: Capital Reserve Fund for renovations
-How Waves Work in Creating Beaches
-The Buoy Tree, An Island Collaboration
-Gardening January 2022
-Senior Lunch Holiday Delivery
-FI School Virtual Winter Concert & Art Show
-Please Support the Annual Appeal
-Fishers Island Constable Horn Retires after Decades of Service
Gardening January 2022
-Ebb and Flow
-Classified Ads
-Calendar Events
and much more!

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