May 7, 2021              Wallis Gaillard and Matt Goss on Hay Harbor at the Gaillard home Kasita

May 22, 2021            Emily Cashel and Flavio Bennini in Muzzano, Switzerland

June 5, 2021              Alexis Sarantinos and Chris Johnson, La Jolla, CA

June 19, 2021            Charlotte Bancroft Hyland and Patrick Hyland, St. John’s of Lattington Church, Long Island

June 26, 2021            Kristina Baker and Luke Fowler at St. John’s Church, Fishers Island, NY

June 26, 2021            Contessa Coleman and Shane Gallagher, Palm Beach, FL

July 8, 2021                Hoitt McAllister and Sharon Sobel, Bethpage, Long Island, NY

August 28, 2021         Carrie Hall and Will Lawrence, Fishers Island, NY

August 28, 2021         Molly Chapman and Ryan Johnson, Telluride, CO

August 29, 2021         E.B. Bartels and Richie Corrado, Needles Lodge at Camp Kiwanee, Hanson, MA

September 10, 2021   Sarah Cook and Sean Lynch, Madison, CT

September 25, 2021   Victoria Klimczak and Zachary Bataye, Canterbury, CT

October 2, 2021         Katie Peabody and Neal Simoncini, Mystic Village Chapel, Stonington, CT

October 2, 2021          Kelty O’Brien and Drew Shannan at St. John’s Church, Fishers Island, NY

October 11, 2021        Bronya Shillo and Mitchell Belanger, Castle Hill Inn, Newport, RI


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Wallis Gaillard and Matt Goss photography by Emma Burr

E.B. Bartels and Richie Corrado photo by Small Circle Studio

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