Ferry Dredge Project & Notice Update


December 2021 UPDATE

12/1/21: The dredging of the channel into Silver Eel Cove is complete as of December 1st. Approximately 2500 cubic yards of clean sand material has been removed. Dredging was last performed here in 1992 and has been overdue. Many thanks go to our Suffolk County Legislator Al Krupski who was introduced to this project in 2019 and shepherded this project through the County approval process. The team at the Division of Waterways, Suffolk County Department of Public Works put the project out to bid and awarded a contract with H&L Contracting out of Hauppauge, NY. H&L has worked for six nights so as not to affect our normal ferry schedule. By day employees of the Ferry District, utilizing a front end loader and backhoe, moved the material from the dredged stockpile to its resting place. Housing for the contractor was supplied by the Ferry. Communication between the County, H&L, and the Ferry has been exceptional.

Some may recall that the Ferry District had obtained the necessary permits to dredge back in 2019. The Ferry put the work out to bid that year. The resulting bids exceeded what the ferry had budgeted and the bids were rejected. At the time, we were not aware that the County had a dredging program. Once it was brought to their attention the County offered their support.

November 2021 UPDATE

11/19/21: Suffolk County informs us that their contractor, H&L Contracting,  will now be arriving on Saturday afternoon, November 20, and start dredging Saturday night and work every night until done. They will not be working Thanksgiving. Assuming their production rate is 200 cubic yards per night it will take an estimated 8 nights, weather permitting, to complete the project.

Suffolk County has awarded H&L Contracting out of Hauppauge, NY the contract for the dredging of the channel into Silver Eel Cove. A total of 1700 cubic yards will be removed.

The ferry schedule should not be affected.

October 2021 UPDATE

The channel into Silver Eel Cove is too shallow at low tide for the ferries and this dredging project will remediate that issue. The last time the channel was dredged was in 1992. Additionally, the dredged material is clean sand which will be dropped and dried on the parking lot north of the USCG station and then deployed along and on the waterside berm on the north side of Fishers from the Silver Eel breakwater to behind the Ferry Freight building.

Dredging operations will begin requiring the use of the entire north side of the ferry parking lot behind the Annex to dump and dry the dredged sand.


Beginning October 29, 2021 parking at the Ferry parking lot will be limited to the south side of the parking lot closest to the Freight Building.

All vehicles must be moved prior to October 29 or they will be towed at the owners’ expense.

Alternate parking areas include the east side of Airport Road and the airport parking lot. Overnight and long-term parking areas do not include the roads leading to or from Silver Eel or the staging area. The only exception is parking along the hill in the corner area by the corner/south ramp for those seniors (and others) who require a short walk to the boat.

We are sorry about this inconvenience. Thank you

Printable Ferry Parking Map

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