Gardening December 2021

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Once again, the holiday season is upon us and hopefully this year it will be a bit more festive with more people able to be together due to vaccinations.

We all have been told that the “supply chain is slow” so it might be a good time to think about making some presents at home.  Those of us that live in the country are lucky to have many greens available to us to pick. You can make a simple but appreciated gift of a small arrangement of cut plant material that you can often find around your house – Holly, Pine, Andromeda, or any other evergreens you might have to cut. A flower pot or basket can be used as a container with a liner made by using an item destined for recycling that holds water. Add a “plug” of oasis fitted on the top and you have a simple vase to place your greens. Putting the oasis on the top like a plug allows the stems to go through into the water below and the arrangement will last longer. Once the plant material is arranged, you can add store bought flowers like small roses or carnations to brighten it up. Or wire small bows or other miniature Christmas decorations into the greens instead. These little arrangements make nice gifts for people to have around their house and are fun to make as well using your imagination.

Gardening books also make good gifts. Here are a couple that people might enjoy receiving this year.

A Way To Garden by Margaret Roach
Written by New York Times contributor Margaret Roach – a yearly guide on what to do when in the garden it is full of excellent advice.

Uprooted by Page Dickey
Page has written many books about gardening and this one is especially poignant about having to move away from her beloved garden of many years and creating a new one in a different place.

The Garden Primer by Barbara Damrosch
This book has always remained my favorite simple and informative “go to” gardening book on my bookshelf.

And finally, a good historical novel for a “snowstorm read” – Julia Kelly’s Last Garden in England involving three generations of women designers working on the same garden throughout the years. There is a new copy at the Fishers Island Library.

Have a wonderful Christmas and a very healthy New Year!

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