Make Sure You Can Vote in November

Check Your Voter Registration before the end of September!

During the recent Ferry District Elections, some Fishers Islanders discovered they had been removed from the active voter lists on file with the Suffolk County Board of Elections and so were ineligible to vote. It is unclear why this happened, but there is a way to fix it in time for the November elections if you find it has happened to you.

While Election Day isn’t until November 2, 2021, it is important to check your voter information before the end of September as anyone who wants to vote in the November election must be registered by October 8, 2021 and must submit any change of address by October 13, 2021.

To check if you are still an active Fishers Island voter, visit and enter your information.

If you are marked inactive, then you can do one of two things.

Anyone looking to vote by absentee ballot, must apply for the absentee ballot by October 18, 2021. For more information on who can apply for an absentee ballot and how to apply, visit

Candidates in the November 2 election are running for the following Southold offices: Town Council, Highway Superintendent, Town Clerk, Trustee, and Fishers Island Justice.

Learn more about the candidates at (Democrats) and (Republicans). There are also five ballot measures being voted on. Learn more here:


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