FI Electric: Upgrading the High-Voltage Cable at Middle Farms

Fishers Island Electric Corporation

By Tom Siebens
Director, Fishers Island Electric Corp.
September 10, 2021

In order to meet present and future demand for power on the East End, Fishers Island Electric is planning to install a new section of high-voltage transmission cable at Middle Farms.  The new cable will be strung on telephone poles in a utility right-of-way on the north side of East End Road.  This will connect the overhead high-voltage cable near the driving range golf shed with the overhead cable at the intersection of East End, Clay Point and Middle Farms Pond Roads.

The goal is to complete this project before next summer as a matter of urgency due to the aging condition of the existing cable and the risk of a failure that would cut off power to a large service area on the East End.  The area encompasses vital island infrastructure: the three water company wells, the well filtration plant, the water reservoir at Top of the World and the island’s microwave broadband link to the mainland.  It also encompasses the Fishers Island Club as well as new and renovated houses, all with growing electrical needs.

Overhead cables are straightforward to install, operate and maintain, they are energy efficient and have a long useful life, factors that make them the best operational and economic option.  This project will not require an immediate rate increase.  As power demand grows in the future or voltages increase for further efficiency, the overhead network can be easily upgraded.

The next priority for Fishers Island Electric will be the buildout of an automated meter infrastructure (AMI), now undergoing regulatory clearance.  AMI will involve replacing all the island’s electric meters with modern, remote-read meters, as was done for the water meters in early 2020.

The power usage data collected through AMI will be critical for the engineers planning the future steps toward renovation of the island’s entire electric grid in order to make it more robust, efficient and capable of accommodating potential renewable power generation on-island.

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About us:  Fishers Island Electric Corporation provides electricity services on Fishers Island, New York.  It is owned by Fishers Island Utility Company, Inc. and Fishers Island Development Corporation and is regulated by the New York State Public Service Commission.

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