Composting FI Style – Ready for More

by Jane Ahrens

Update October 1, 2021

The measurements through September of 2021 show continued participation in the contributions of organic waste and have already surpassed the 2020 total with 4 months more data to come. Joining the growing number of Island households and the Pequot’s participation in 2020 are 2 more ‘big guys’, the Fishers Island Club and The West End Café. So far this year over 4 tons have been diverted from the waste stream – meaning less waste going over on the ferries and more organic healthy mulch and dirt for our island gardens!

Thank you to all the volunteers that are making the effort to contribute and to the  FIWMD staff for sharing with us these amazing results!

For households that were not part of our program and are interested, please contact FIWMD at 631-788-7455

FIWMD Collection of Organics  – Numbers in Pounds
Month  Total Pounds 2020Total Pounds 2021
January 588253
February 599527
March (part closed for Covid-19) 394244
April (closed for Covid-19) 
May (part closed for Covid-19) 356762
June 7242070
July 13181777
August 8522494
September (8th month of collecting) 1162 
October 696 
November 653 
December 582 
Total 7924(2021 to Date) 8127
  2020 includes homeowners/renters plus 1020 lbs in Jun-Oct c/o Pequot2021 includes homeowners/renters & Pequot, FIC, West End

Update December 30, 2020

The last measurements for the year. Very impressive, almost 4 tons diverted from the waste stream. Hopefully, this grows in the future.

Update September 30, 2020

As we wrap up our eighth month of accepting household organic waste, we would love to thank all those that have joined our program. You have made it the success that it is.

Here is the monthly breakdown, in pounds, including The Pequot Inn has been doing its share to divert organics from their kitchen.

It’s amazing that we are quickly approaching the 2-1/2 tons mark of organic scraps that have been diverted from our household trash and all from a small number of volunteers in our program. It is our hope that this program will continue to grow with more households and businesses joining in.

Again, thanks to all our volunteers.

For households that were not part of our program and are interested, please contact Alan Thibodeau at 631-788-7459 or by e-mail at

Update July 31, 2020

“I thought I would give you our latest numbers on the composting program we started. As of today, the households participating in the residential program have contributed 3500 pounds. The Pequot Inn has contributed 479 pounds. Together we have saved almost 2 tons of organics from going into the waste stream!

Considering we were shut down for a month and a half, I think this is fantastic. I’m excited to see the numbers as we continue and more residents join the program.” ~ Alan Thibodeau

The Fishers Island Waste Management District has been slowly getting its operations back up to full strength and will continue to do so over the next couple of weeks.

When the District shut down operations, it also stopped accepting organic waste as part of its pilot organic composting program. We thank all the participants for being with us.

Starting Monday, May 11, we began to accept organic waste at the Compost Station from the island’s participating households. We are looking forward to continuing this exciting program of reducing waste on the island.

For households that were not part of our program and are interested, please contact Alan Thibodeau at 631-788-7459 or by e-mail at

March 3, 2020

Completing a successful Test Part 1,
& getting ready for an even bigger Part 2

Fishers Island’s Waste Management District conducted a test during January and February 2020 with 2 dozen households contributing the ‘green’ waste from their kitchens to the ‘brown’ wood and leaves materials at the Compost Station. The goal – simply ship less weight off the island and utilize the ‘green’ to make the final compost material even better.

25 year-round households collected and contributed 1187 pounds in 8 weeks!

Below are portions of a letter to the participants with the next steps laid out.

Fishers Island Waste Management District P.O. Box 22 Fishers Island, NY 06390 Tele 631-788-7455

February 28, 2020

Dear Fellow Composter,

Can you believe that two months of the new year have passed already? While time is going by fast, it has been amazing watching the poundage grow from our composting program.  As of yesterday, we have collected 1,187 pounds of organics. We can hardly believe it!

If 25 households can reduce the amount of waste being shipped off the island by ½ a ton in two months, just imagine how much could be eliminated if more households joined in.

Well, that is the plan for the second part of the program … we would love to have another twenty households join in. We will be making announcements to try and attract more interest, but if you could pass the word around and let everyone know just how easy it is to separate your organics it would certainly help.

Also, with the second part of the program, [everyone will bring their organics] contribution to the Compost Station (behind the Main Office and garage) to where we have set up bins.

A side note, the High School is interested in starting their own program! We will be meeting with them during March to plan this out.

Thanks for all the good work, and keep the organics coming.

Alan Thibodeau and The Fishers Island Waste Management Team

Alan R. Thibodeau
Operations Manager
Fishers Island Waste Management District


  • Please contact Alan if you would like to join the test in Part 2.
  • Wide Awake Coffee brand is approved as compostable coffee pods for the FI effort.
  • Stay tuned for more information to come!

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