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January 14, 2021         David Hunter Pierce to Marilyn Mullen Pierce and Brad Pierce

February 2, 2021         James Scott Selwood to Carolyn and Pat Selwood and grandson of Jim and Diane Baker

March 4, 2021              Josephine Levi Horn to Aly and Sam Horn

March 8, 2021              Cooper Jones Wall to Michelle Zimberlin Wall and Peter W. Wall

March 8, 2021              Olympia Laughlin Waldin, “Lulu” to Casey Cook & Erik Waldin

March 10, 2021            Tabitha Marion Luby to Alison Holmes and Brendon Luby

March 12, 2021            Theodore Mark Kosovsky to Hannah Hirshfeld Kosovsky and Brian Kosovsky

April 1, 2021                  Charles ‘Charlie’ Sargent Hogan to Katharine Sargent and James Hogan

April 6, 2021                 Riley Margaret Hayes to Leslie Hotchkiss Hayes and Sam Hayes

May 21, 2021                Hunter William Harvey to Stephanie and Bobby Harvey

June 7, 2021                  Nora Anne Hoxsie to Emily Anne Peabody and Zachary James Hoxsie

June 9, 2021                 Anna Birck Taylor to Liz Burnham & Will Taylor

June 17, 2021                Theodore Reu Garcia, “Teddy” to Andrew and Kelsey Breining Garcia

June 20, 2021               Emma James Fox to Linda Duggan Fox and Matt Fox

July 15, 2021                 Thomas William Cashel IV – “Wes” to Hannah Grimes Cashel and Tripp Cashel

August 26, 2021           Liam Wade Britt to Paige and Pete Britt

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