ICB Minutes July 13, 2021 w/recording

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ICB Monthly Meeting
Tuesday, July 13, 2021
Zoom Meeting

Total Participants: 53
July Minutes approved at the August Meeting

The ICB meets monthly in a public forum with the community to review and discuss Island priorities. Minutes of monthly ICB meetings are posted on the ICB website. Because of the ongoing Covid-19, the Zoom meetings continue.

ICB Representatives: Willard Soper (President), Dicky Riegel (Treasurer – Seasonal), Meg Atkin (Year-Round), George deMenil (Seasonal), Nate Malinowski (Year-Round)

Willard: Minutes of June 8th meeting were approved as written.

Dicky—Treasurer’s Report: Liberty Bank balance is $2,988; balance in PayPal account is $625. Invoice from MaryBeth has been submitted: $1,000 for 40 hours work in May/June. Approved.

This is the time of year when we will be sending out our Annual Appeal; I would like to ask everyone to renew their support of the Island Community Board.  It’s obvious that we’ve tackled some important topics and issues during the past year, and we will continue to do that good work going forward.  Our expenses are kept at a minimum, yet we do need financial support to keep that good work going.  You will get a formal written appeal letter in the next few weeks; this is my personal request to everyone to support the ICB.

Willard: ICB budget runs between $8500 and $9500 a year, and most of our contributions are received during July and August, so I’m hoping we can get that support again this year.

Chris Ingram—IHP: The good news is that there is no news…no new Covid cases have been reported, despite a great deal of “socializing” on the Island.  We’ve been doing some testing of people who have not been vaccinated, and, to date, all those have been negative.  We’ve also tested people who have come to us with symptoms that were of concern, and those have been negative as well.  Re the Delta variant, what I know is largely from the news media: we know that those who are vaccinated are well protected against the Delta virus.  For those who are unvaccinated, it’s a scourge even greater than Covid.  For those on the fence, I strongly urge you all to go ahead and get vaccinated, and we can help arrange that in CT.  Also, there are some questions about the booster shots; again, this is very early; Pfizer seems to think a booster is a good idea, and the CDC thinks the issue should be studied further.

Willard:  Just a reminder, since Candy Whitman is no longer here, to continue support of the ‘Islanders to Islanders’ committee, an effort that Candy initiated.

Geb Cook—Ferry District and Harbor Committee: Race Point and Munnatawket ferries are running just fine, and we have no issues with either boat.  The reason the Race Point was taken out of service again after its return in mid-June is that there was an issue with the new propellers preventing the boat from reaching full speed.  The propellers were “re-pitched” to correct that problem.  There was also an electrical problem involving a bad cable, which has now been replaced.  Silver Eel needed some replacement parts after it was taken out of service last fall, and these parts proved difficult to get.  The parts are now in, and we hope to see the Silver Eel back in service by next week.

The Fishers Island Harbor Committee was formed in 1994 by the Town of Southold as a chartered committee to create a harbor management plan; the plan was officially approved in 1997.  Leslie Goss was very instrumental in the establishment of this plan and committee.  The Harbor Committee permits moorings, which require an application and a permit fee.  The Harbor Committee also regulates the waters around Fishers Island for moorings. The permit fees collected enable the Committee to hire two Bay Constables who are responsible for monitoring transient use of the waters re anchorage, what moorings they may use, etc.  The Harbor Committee does not rent moorings; Pirate’s Cove rents moorings, but we do know who is supposed to be on what moorings.  We do not have any regulatory authority; if that becomes necessary, we contact the State Police.  This year, through the Harbor Committee budget, the Town will pay for the pump-out boat, also a service the Harbor Committee oversees through services from Mystic, CT.

Paul Giles—FI Fire Dept: A new septic system is being installed, and the County must come and inspect it before it can be filled in.  We are still awaiting some permits from the State of NY for proposed new construction.  We have an application in and been assigned a number and are waiting for approval on modifications to the building plan, i.e., sprinkler system for only the residential part of the building.  As soon as we have these approvals, we can solicit bids on the project.  A full-time year-round paramedic has been hired and she will join us as of August 1st.

Mimi Gary—FIDCO: There have already been several incidents of speeding and reckless driving on the Island this summer.  I receive complaints on almost a daily basis, sometimes multiple complaints on the same day.  I’m raising this issue out of genuine concern for the welfare of drivers as well as anyone they come across—other cars, bikers, anyone using the Rec Path.  We don’t want to see anyone have an accident that could have been avoided using some common sense.  As a reminder, the speed limit is 30 mph on the main road, 15 mph on the dirt roads and 12 mph on the Rec Path.  Every [FIDCO] letter I send reminds the community of this, as do the eblasts that go out to everyone in the Gate House system at least a couple of times a year.  I’ve also contacted residents of specific roads, people who are having repeated issues.  We are working with the Fire Dept to see where we can install speed bumps that the emergency vehicles can still get over.  We have done our part.  The troopers periodically patrol the East End; anyone caught speeding or breaking road rules—this includes underage drivers—will lose their driving privileges on FIDCO property for the rest of the year.  I’m pleading with you to please spread the word, in your household, to your friends, to slow down, let us have a joyful and safe summer and get back to more important work on our Island.

Willard: Speeding is definitely a huge issue. I suggest putting together a ‘Speeding Prevention’ task force that can work on the problem and suggest some measures to address it.

(N.B.  A volunteer task force has been assembled and has met to discuss this problem.)

Dicky—Governance and Elections: A revised summary of the By-Law changes has been prepared to capture all the input we received.  The summary will be sent out in the next week with an accompanying letter, and we will be asking for your vote on these changes.  We have increased the size of the quorum to be five of the six voting members, with a provision that we will continue to work with the Island community to see if people want to further increase the size of the Board at a future date.  Moving on to Elections, hopefully many of you have seen the link that is posted on fishnet under the ICB tab, and that I have just posted in the chat; there is also a notice posted on the PO Bulletin Board. We’ve announced to the community that there will be an election for two ICB representatives—one seasonal to replace me as my two terms have expired, and one year-round to replace Candy Whitman whose term was due to expire in August.  We’ve asked for people to submit their interest in becoming an ICB representative, and a profile including their interest in becoming a member of the ICB Board.  We have already received interest from some great candidates, and we look forward to a robust election cycle.

Willard: Re governance, one of the issues on which we received feedback was making sure that the year-round community had equal voting representation on ICB, and that is important.  And we hope that you will all participate in the voting process for By-Law updates and elected reps.

Beth Cashel—Neighborhood Aide: a) Sidewalk repairs have begun, unfortunately during our peak season; since the project was long overdue, the decision was made to begin the work; delays were encountered due to inability to get ferry reservations for the trucks…further complicated because the project (working with concrete) is weather dependent and ferry scheduling could not be done far in advance.  The plan is to complete the sidewalks by the end of July, though, again, dependent on the weather.  The ICB (Willard), Louisa and I met with Michael Collins, the Town Engineer, to discuss the delay in the project and the staging area. The designation of the staging area—across from the ball field—was determined by Mattern Construction Company to be the most practical and Mattern independently reached out to FI Utility Company regarding the use of that field.  Going forward, Fishers Island, the ICB and I will work together on improving communication to ensure that we keep everyone better informed on aspects of projects such as these so that there is less confusion and concern.  b) The Dock Beach Parking resolution, Amendment 29, was approved at the Town Board meeting on June 29th, and Louisa, who attended the meeting, is bringing back the ‘No Parking’ signs to be posted at Dock Beach.  c) DMV services to FI: the bill proposed by Assemblywoman Jodi Giglio to bring DMV services to FI was approved in the Assembly and then rejected by the DMV Commission.  However, Giglio, on Fisher Island’s behalf, did send a letter of appeal to Commissioner Schroeder, citing the difficulties FI residents have getting/renewing licenses, registrations, etc. by having to commute to Long Island for these services. d) Town Board:  In previous years, the Town Board (Town Fathers) have visited Fishers in August to meet with us personally.  This visit was cancelled last summer due to Covd.  There will also not be a visit this year as it takes a great deal of planning, and it is too late to schedule.    However, the Town would like the ICB’s and the community’s feedback on planning a hybrid (Zoom/live) meeting, a Zoom meeting or an in-person meeting in the fall.  Please communicate to me or to Willard what kind of meeting you’d prefer and what your concerns are for the community. If a meeting takes place, it is a good idea to have questions in advance so the Town has time to prepare responses. e) STOP signs at the ball field four corners: this agenda item was added by the ICB; if this is a consensus concern to the community, and I believe that it is, then I would suggest that the ICB present a letter; we will then work to create a resolution that can go to the Town, proposing that the ball field intersection become 4-way stop.  This would be similar to the resolution we proposed for STOP signs at the start of the rec path.

Willard: We should get this out to the community that this is a proposal, and ask for feedback (support or non-support) so that we can take it to the Town with a consensus of the community. Perhaps George (deMenil) can help with this as he did with the bike path STOP sign.

Willard—Follow ups:  For Louisa who could not join this meeting: the “no overnight parking at Dock Beach” ordinance has passed.  Bob Miller has been appointed the Fishers Island liaison to the Lands’ Preservation Committee.  The Town passed a “no gas-powered leaf blowers” after a certain hour resolution—Beth will research the exact terms and report at next ICB meeting.

Q: Who are the Town Constables?
A:  Larry Horn, Joe Brock and Geoff Edwards; Bay Constables are Ian Crary and Jonathan Farrar

Q: How do we get the message out that we do not burn trash/garbage on the Island?  This has been happening at the beach bonfires.
A—Willard: I think FIDCO controls the East End beaches; Beth to look into regulations for Town Beaches.  It was also suggested to call State Trooper and/or Geb Cook to report.

Q to Paul Giles: Is there going to be a vote or referendum on the Fire House construction project?
Paul: When we receive all the necessary approvals and have blueprints ready, we put it out to bid—we need to get three bids; when those are received, we will come to ICB to present everything, and then there will be a vote to approve the budget for this project.

Willard: Next meeting is August 10th, and we hope to do a hybrid—in person as well as Zoom.


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