ICB Annual Appeal 2021

August 5, 2021

The mission of ICB is to promote the economic, civic, and social welfare of the people of Fishers Island, New York, and serve as a forum for the discussion of issues affecting the life of the Fishers Island community.

In the past eighteen months alone, the ICB has:

  • Formed a task force with the Island Health Project (IHP) to keep the community informed during the pandemic. Protocols were established (masking, social distancing), testing accessibility was provided, and vaccination information was provided and made available to Fishers Islanders and vaccines were administered on the Island as well. Bi-weekly meetings took place via Zoom to keep the community as up to date as possible with this vital information.  ICB continues to have IHP reports at monthly meetings.
  • Worked diligently with the “Rec Path” Foundation and the Town of Southold to achieve the necessary approvals for the “Rec Path Extension”.
  • Identified the need and community desire for additional stop signs on the west end and coordinated with Louisa Evans and Highway Department to get them approved and installed.
  • After five years, much effort, and the assistance of Beth Cashel, Fishers Island’s newly appointed Neighborhood Aide, the sidewalk project is underway.
  • Helped ensure that parking at Dock Beach Park is more available to residents wanting to use it.

The Fishers Island Community Board (ICB) was formed in 2005, following in the footsteps of years of work by the Fishers Island Civic Association. The ICB works diligently with all the various community organizations and taxing districts to ensure the community is well informed, and it has become an effective single voice for Fishers Island when communicating with Southold.

While ICB is a volunteer organization, there are administrative expenses required to function effectively. We are asking that every resident, both year-round and seasonal, to make a yearly membership gift to help the ICB continue strengthening the Island’s community resources. Contributions made be made by check made out to ICB and mailed to PO Box 371, Fishers Island, NY 06390, or online through the ICB Pay Pal.

The recommended donation is $25/family and larger amounts are much appreciated.




Willard Soper, President


ICB is a 501(c)(4) civic association and contributions are not tax deductible.

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