Tropical Storm Henri Timeline

As Hurricane Henri headed straight north the week of August 23 it became a Category 1, but fortunately for Fishers Island it was downgraded to a tropical storm and moved a bit west just before landfall.

Thank you to everyone and especially to the FIFD Emergency Management Team, the Utility Company, Southold’s DOT on Fishers, FIS for the Emergency Shelter, Race Rock response group, who all worked so hard to clear roads and drains, move downed branches and trees, and help to repair poles and restore power to all areas!

Here are a few of the photographs taken on Fishers during and after the storm on August 27, 2021

Find News Reports and messages from Fishers Island Emergency Management Operations (EMO), Fishers Island Utility Corp., Ferry District, Suffolk OEM, NWS

Find the live NOAA/NWS weather map at this link (click the image, type in your zip code and it will reload):

Click the NWS map for the live link. (Image taken 23AUG21 at 11:55AM)

Suffolk Times
By San Simeon
Monday, August 23, 2021

The North Fork was spared the worst Sunday as Tropical Storm Henri shifted to the east of Long Island, bringing with it heavy rains and strong winds but not the destruction that had been anticipated.

“It was only on Fishers Island, a portion of Southold Town that is closer to Connecticut that ended up in the storm’s direct path, but even there officials reported some downed trees but less damage than expected.”

Read the whole article at the Suffolk Times link above.

This is the Fishers Island Emergency Notification Announcement
It is the 23rd of August, 8:45 Am

Tropical Storm Henri has passed Fishers Island and moved into New England as a tropical depression.

To protect life and property from possible downed wires, electric power was cut off island-wide at 10AM on Sunday and restored for 95% of the island by 3:00pm and 100% at 9:00pm.  If you see a downed power line do not approach or touch it but report it to 1-844-461-5722 immediately.

This will be the last announcement regarding Tropical Storm Henri.

Steve Head
Telecom Superintendent
Fishers Island Telephone Company
wk: 631-788-7001 x2006

From CT Patch News
8:59am Sunday, August 22

Now, Henri is currently a tropical storm and may make landfall between the vicinity of Montauk, NY and Narragansett Bay late this morning or early this afternoon. The eastward track for Henri likely means more rain and less wind for Connecticut, but that could simply produce more flooding concerns and widespread power outages are still forecast by the utilities.

From FI Utility Corp.
7:55am Sunday, August 22

We expect winds to hit sustained speeds of around 50 plus around 11 AM. Depending upon the accuracy power could go off as soon as 10 AM.


  • The next ferry is likely the 7:00/8:15 AM Monday.
  • If you have something to report (downed wire, tree limb, flooding, etc.) call the Telephone Company Superintendent Steve Head at (844) 461-5722.
  • To hear the latest FI Henri InfoLine recording call (631) 788-9900.
  • If you have an emergency, call 631-765-2600 from your cell, or call 911 from a house phone; Trooper John or Trooper Chris (788-7600.
  • See the Utility Co. note below with Preparedness suggestions. Clean up portable items outside your home and start charging your electronics now!
  • The most important request from John Bergquist and his EMO team is for EVERYONE to remain in place during the storm – as it arrives, through the calmer eye passing, and until it is out of here. This is to keep everyone safe – both residents and the all-volunteer emergency services we have here.
  • EVERYTHING IS CLOSED TODAY including the Community Center and churches. No need to go out. Union Chapel and the Museum may have remote programs if the power is on.
  • During the storm, the only vehicles on the roads should be the State Troopers, emergency vehicles, and the DOT clearing roadways. No pedestrians or bikes should be out.
  • It is extremely likely the power will be shut off during the storm. After Henri passes – the initial punch, the calm eye passing, and the final blow – the power will be returned as sections of the Island are checked for hazards and cleared.
  • The Fire House will be open and staffed by our EMO. Call if you need help 788-7375
  • Fishers Island Emergency Shelter at the School will be open and staffed by volunteers. It will serve anyone who needs to ride out the storm if they need a safe dry place. Call the Fire Department 788-7375 for more information or if you need help getting to the Shelter at School. Please bring any medicine or food you may need.
  • After the storm passes and if the power is still out, people may visit the shelter to recharge their electronics or stay safe.
  • The next ferry is likely the 7:00/8:15 AM Monday.

National Weather Service

HURRICANE HENRI BRIEFING #8 12 PM EDT Saturday, August 21, 2021

􏰀Current Headlines

  • Hurricane Warning is in effect for Eastern LI and coastal SE CT.
  • Tropical Storm Warning is in effect for NYC/NJ Metros, Nassau, coastal SW CT, and S Westchester.
  • Storm Surge Warnings now in effect for N Queens and Bronx and northern and eastern portions of Long Island, S Westchester, and S Ct.
  • Storm Surge Watch continues for S bays of W LI.

What has changed?

􏰀 Henri has become a Hurricane.

􏰀 Forecast track of Hurricane Henri is converging, likely to make landfall across E LI and SE CT on Sunday.

  • 􏰀  Henri has increased in forward speed, moving to the north faster than previous.
  • 􏰀  Confidence is increasing in damaging to destructive winds, major (life threatening) storm surge and flooding rains for LI and CT.

􏰀 Forecast precipitation amounts have increased and expanded to the west. Flood watches have been posted for the entire area.

Suffolk County OEM (Office of Emergency Management) August 20

c/o John Bergquist, Fishers Island’s Emergency Manager:
August 20, 2021 – 1:15 AM OEM ADVISORY #26 Tropical Storm Henri


Fishers Island Utility
Prepares for Hurricane Henri

As is always the case with significant storms the smart thing to do is to be prepared.

Henri is now predicted to become a hurricane and may impact Fishers Island directly. Please take some time this week and prepare by removing items that can become airborne from your yards.

FIUC crews will be ready in the event of a power outage. We will do our best to restore power as soon as possible while keeping our employees safe. Our Utility employees are making preparations to all vehicles and equipment. We have contacted contractors on the island in the event that assistance is necessary.

To report an outage call: 1-844-461-5722

Please stay inside and off the roads during the storm and stay away from any downed wires you may encounter outside your home/business and on the roads.

Here are a few wind storm preparation tips:

For Your Business:

  • Be certain to have backup power options if you needed.
  • If you have onsite generation check to see if you have sufficient fuel.
  • Secure outdoor equipment.
  • Test UPS’s
  • Charge your mobile devices and power banks.

Power Outage in the Workplace – Emergency Plan Guide

For You, Your Family and Your Home:

  • Make an emergency kit for at least three days of self-sufficiency.
  • Stock up on batteries and have flashlights and candles on hand.
  • Charge your mobile devices and power banks.
  • Secure outdoor recreational equipment.
  • Consider alternate methods of cooking your meals in case there is a power outage in your area. Cooking your meal ahead of time and storing in the refrigerator is an option.
  • Fill your propane tank for your gas grill. Never use your gas grill indoors.
  • Bring outside patio and lawn furniture, potted plants and any other loose outdoor items indoors. Close and secure all awnings and tie down any other loose items.
  • Never use a generator inside your home. Locate unit away from doors, windows and vents that could allow carbon monoxide to come indoors. Keep at least 20 feet from doors, windows, and vents.
  • Clear your gutters and storm drains.

Emergency Plan Guide – Surviving a disaster takes neighbors working together.

Additional information on preparedness to keep you and your family safe can be found on the FI Utility Company website Emergency Preparedness.

Ferry seal

Ferry Weather Alert August 19, 2021

We are monitoring the path of Hurricane Henri at this time and we do not see any effect on auto-ferry travel this weekend.

  • The Silver Eel fast ferry will not operate this Sunday due to the expected high winds.
  • All ferry runs are cancelled for Sunday, August 22
  • The Monday morning fast ferry trips may not operate.

We will continue to monitor the path of Hurricane Henri and will provide updates as necessary.

Please plan accordingly.


Fishers Island Ferry
631/788-7469 or 860/442-0165

Newday August 20, 8:20AM

The storm, now expected to track 50 to 100 miles off Montauk Point on Sunday, already has prompted the National Hurricane Center to issue a hurricane watch for Long Island’s South Shore, from Fire Island Inlet to Montauk, and the North Shore, from Port Jefferson Harbor to Montauk.

And a storm surge watch covers all of Long Island’s South Shore, and much of the North Shore, from Kings Point and on east.

Spinning about 370 miles south-southeast of Cape Hatteras at 5 a.m., Henri’s top sustained winds are nearing hurricane strength at 65 mph, and there are even higher gusts, the hurricane experts said.

“Strengthening is forecast during the next few days, and Henri is expected to become a hurricane by Saturday,” the hurricane center said, which means those winds will reach at least 74 mph.

The storm surge watch, when the ocean can flood coastal communities, could reach three to five feet from East Rockaway Inlet to Montauk Point, the National Hurricane Center said.

And two to four feet of flood waters could arise from Kings Point to Montauk and all the way north to Watch Hill, Rhode Island, the National Hurricane Center said. By Joan Gralla for Newsday

August 20, 10:00AM Western shift continues with Henri which introduces more significant possible impacts. Storm surge flooding, inland flooding, and power outages all a possibility. A hurricane watch remains in effect for most of the CT shoreline. #nbcct Meterologist Ryan Hanrahan Twitter: @ryanhanrahan

Possible Hurricane Sunday 8/22/21

The predicted path as of today can be found on the maps below (Click either map to see a larger version). To see it loop, CLICK HERE

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