Rec Path 4th of July Update

As you may have heard or already seen, the extension to the Rec Path was completed before Memorial Day weekend. Seeded with wild grass and flowers, the berms are already sprouting with new growth. In the coming weeks, we also plan to trim the foliage on Wilderness Point Road, install some new signs, and improve that intersection area in conjunction with Waste Management District and neighbors on that road.

Jimmy Ski, who won the bid for the contract, did a beautiful job that will only look better once the wildflowers and grasses begin to mature in the future. The flower and grass mix was chosen by the Fishers Island Conservancy, who continue to help us in our efforts to eradicate invasives and repopulate the Path with native plants and grasses.

Besides the Conservancy efforts, a volunteer grassroots campaign led by Diana Fiske and Courtney MacDonald and in collaboration with Terry McNamara to “Nip The Knotweed” has also been launched. The first group focused on the area after the driving range and before Chocomount. Anyone who would like to volunteer should contact either Courtney at  or Diana at In the meantime, Courtney Allan continues to do an excellent job maintaining the expanded Path and we applaud her for her diligence.

The fund drive for the extension, including pledges and donations, reached close to a million dollars. After expenses, we hope to have over 1 million in our endowment, which should generate the necessary investment income for annual maintenance of approximately $40,000.

However, those expenses can sometimes be exceeded once further repair to the tarmac or the bridges becomes necessary.

Fortunately, we should not have these repair expenditures on the extension since we have no new bridges and we eliminated any big rooted trees that obstructed visibility and could potentially damage the tarmac.

In case you are wondering where do we go from here? The answers are not obvious since a path extension on the Hay Harbor side is problematic because of proximity to golfers, and a path on the other side has construction challenges because of the steep slopes off the road. So we may have to accept no path on that stretch. However, we could try to widen some of the sidewalks to town and eventually continue on to the ferry. So let’s start the conversations about options among family and friends, and we can poll the community with the ICB in the future.

Below you will find the Path waiver with amended rules, including the 12 mph speed limit and bell requirements delineated. These rules of the Path were formulated in conjunction with FIDCO whose staff is in charge of rules enforcement. Please follow all road and Path rules which only exist to ensure our safety. Let us also thank Margaret Benkard for the designs for the bells and signs. The bells are being distributed free of charge at the gatehouse.

Below you will also find donation forms for those who either need to complete their pledges or want to make new ones for the maintenance endowment fund. Please make sure that any donations from family foundations designate the family behind them. We have not been able to identify the names behind some of the donations which we have received from custodial banks and brokers. So please notify us when donating.

We are most grateful for your support, and happy Summer!

John McGillian
President Fishers Island Recreational Path Foundation

FIDCO Rec Path Rules 2021

Our mailing address is:
Fishers Island Recreational Path Foundation
P.O. Box 619
Fishers Island, NY 06390

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