Conservancy’s Latest News: July 2021

Goldfish Gone “Wild”!

This giant goldfish was caught July 2 in Minnesota’s Keller Lake, 20 miles south of Minneapolis. Goldfish compete with native species for food, increase algae in lakes and, reportedly, are among the world’s worst invasive aquatic species. City of Burnsville, Minn. Photo

Invasive, football-sized goldfish are turning up in lakes and waterways out-competing native species for food and choking ecosystems with voracious feeding that kicks up mud and sediment, leading to harmful algae blooms. Learn More HERE

New and Serious Threat to Boxwood Shrubs

Please help us keep a sharp eye out for a new threat: The box tree moth.

Carpenter Bees Are Important Native Pollinators

Many people think of carpenter bees as nuisance insects that require extermination. In fact, these bees are important native pollinators. Prevention, however, is the key to protection.

Keep it Clean T-Shirts Now Available

Our new “Keep it Clean” t-shirts arrived just in time for summer! We have a limited number in both youth and adult sizes, so make sure to get yours soon.

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