Thank you Fishers Island Fire Department

June 9, 2021

On behalf of the membership of the Fishers Island Fire Department,

I want to thank the Fishers Island community for the overwhelming outpouring of support shown to our team this past weekend and in the days that have followed.

I’m hesitant to thank specific individuals and organizations who have provided assistance for fear of overlooking anyone.

Please know that your gifts, offers to help, and kind words are welcomed and appreciated by the entire department.



Jeff Edwards
Chief, Fishers Island Fire Department

Fishers Island Community Appreciation Notes

Since the fire began on Saturday afternoon June 5 on Shingle Hill there has been a true outpouring of support, appreciation, and respect for our volunteer firefighters, EMTs, and everyone who assisted with the reckoning of a potential disaster. The call for ‘all units’ was truly answered by our active and retired Fire Department members. They came together under expert and experienced leadership and worked as multiple teams for hours in the heat and wind and into the night.

Below is just a small collection of notes and comments. If you would like, please send your note to add to Thank you to all.

We take nothing for granted and are grateful for the dedication of our many service volunteers and medical staff. This past year has been an extraordinary experience for all of us! Our thanks to each and every one.
Peter & Jan Burr
What an amazing response to a devastating fire. The FIFD and others who participated in controlling and ending this disaster are nothing short of heroes. Thank you to these heroes among us.
Diddle McAllister
It is amazing that when there is a crisis on Fishers Island, everyone forgets their differences and joins to help out. Thanks to all who keep us safe.
Diane D. Dexter
Containment of the fire to a single property was a miracle! Grateful to all who made it happen. MaryBeth & George G
I would like to thank all that worked so hard to protect shingle hill from what could have been so much worse had it not been for the bravery, quick actions and coordinated efforts taken by the Fire Dept, police, the Utility Co and so many more.
Reyn Parsons, Cottage F
While I have always known of the tremendous commitments and skills of the FIFD for my entire life, one rarely ever gets the chance to see you in “live” action beyond the regular weekly training sessions we all know and see. To see the entire department up-front and in-person as you fought at this tragic raging fire in a densely populated area with strong winds confirmed everything I knew and expected. You are highly skilled and deeply committed to the Island. Many thanks to all of you, Scott Reid
A huge shout out to our FIFD who prevented a huge tragedy over the weekend!
Sarah Porter
Yes, a huge shout out to the Fire Company of volunteers who were all amazing!
Beth Cashel
HEAR HEAR! Thank you FIFD!
Thank you Firefighters, EMTS, and everyone else involved in last weekend’s fire. We are incredibly grateful for everything you did to keep not only the island safe but our Shingle Hill neighborhood as well. FI is lucky to have each and every one of you.
The Weida Family

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