Special Message from IHP & ICB 10JUN21 #25

Dear Fishers Islanders,                                                                             June 10, 2021

Here we are on the threshold of Summer 2021 – long-awaited and hopeful that the COVID-19 pandemic is coming to an end!

The question many have on their mind is, “Are we ready to get back to normal?”

Fishers Islanders are no different in this transition back to ‘normal’ than those in the rest of the country. As a small community, we made our way through these past 15 months with great care, thoughtful guidance, appropriate protocols, and remain a relatively healthy group. And yes, we are ready! We will face the near future together as well.

Our island’s local businesses, organizations, clubs, districts (Ferry, Waste Mgmt., Fire Dept. and School), and others have laid out thoughtful guidelines for their customers, employees, and guests for the start of the 2021 summer season. IHP with ICB asks everyone to please respect these decisions which are all based on CDC and NY State guidelines and appropriate for the individual locations and our island’s unique situation. Current mask expectations and other protocols for each place are posted in various spots at establishments and on FishersIsland.net and will be updated as needed.

Here are a few more IHP recommendations:

If you ARE vaccinated:

  1. Please send a copy (photo or scan) of you CDC Vaccination Record to IHP for your records at the doctor’s office. Email dianna.shillo@LMHosp.org
  2. You DO NOT need to have a COVID-19 test before coming to the Island.

IHP is highly supportive of the COVID-19 vaccine and strongly recommends that people ‘on the fence’ get vaccinated. Dr. Ingram and his staff are available to answer any questions one may have.

If you ARE NOT vaccinated:

  1. You DO need to have a negative COVID-19 test within 72 hours before you return to the island and send IHP a copy of your negative test.
  2. You will need to continue vigorous testing as you may be in contact with someone who is exhibiting coronavirus-like symptoms and may be contagious.
  3. All unvaccinated adults and children must wear masks when indoors and when unable to social distance outdoors.
  4. You must wear a mask when anyone comes to do work at your place of residence or employment.

It is best to be vaccinated before coming to the Island for the season. You will be ‘fully vaccinated’ two weeks after the date of your final dose.

The vaccine is readily available to anyone. Everyone 12 years of age and older is now eligible to get a COVID-19 vaccination. Find an appointment on vaccines.gov or Call 1-800-232-0233 for more information.

Map example for 25 miles within 06390 on 6/10/21 – click map to search your zip code.

IHP and ICB are not reintroducing the on Island COVID-19 Census or the Symptom Tracking at this time. However, please contact the Doctor’s Office if you, a member of your household or business is experiencing symptoms indicative of coronavirus or not feeling well. Tests are available and easily accessible on Island.

We are all looking forward to a safer and better summer.




Chris Ingram
Physician in Residence
Fishers Island



Willard Soper
President ICB

Masks and Moving Forward on Fishers

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