Sidewalk Repair Project Summer 2021

The Town of Southold is replacing portions of sidewalks located on Fishers Island.  The sections of the sidewalk are shown on the attached aerial photo in yellow.  Specifically, the project includes the demolition and replacement of sidewalk with new, fully ADA-compliant sidewalks in the following locations:

  • The sidewalk on the western side of Crescent Avenue between Oriental Avenue and Athol Crescent
  • The sidewalk on the eastern side of Crescent Avenue from Athol Crescent to Fox Avenue
  • The sidewalk on the southern side of Fox Avenue from Crescent Avenue to a point opposite the eastern property boundary of the grocery store (SCTM 1000-006-02-22.5)
Crescent Ave. to the Village Market

Mattern Construction will be mobilizing the week of June 21st.

The sidewalk project will start at the grocery store and work back towards the red barn. Concrete work will take 4-5 weeks, and the grass shoulder restoration to be completed in the fall.

Town of Southold
Engineering Dept

Bid Request for FI Sidewalk Work 2021

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