Keep it up but Pick it up: USPO regarding packages

We love that you are using the USPO,
just remember to come pick up the packages!

If you have packages being delivered through the US mail, please be sure to pick them up, or have someone fetch them for you. Storage is very limited at the Post Office, so if a package is left for over 15 business days, it may be sent back to the sender.

“We need people to come get their parcels every day if they can, we have at least a hundred new ones each day, we are buried over here, no room. Just come get them please.”


Check your tracking numbers:

  • USPS tracking numbers begin with 9, at the post office
  • UPS tracking numbers have 1Z, at the ferry freight office
  • FedEx is also at the ferry freight office

Thank you for your assistance.
Keep it up but Pick it up!
The Post Office

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