Masks & Moving Forward

Please continue to have your masks handy. Photo credit and model’s name unknown.

Fishers Island welcomes the summer season. Especially this year!

With the start of the summer come many questions about COVID-19 protocols. Studying the CDC recommendations and considering the New York State guidelines, the following policies are currently in place on Fishers Island. Please help us continue to stay safe by doing your part as we all move into the busy and fun summer.

June 24, 2021

Today we close out the emergency chapter in the pandemic—effective today, New York’s COVID-19 State of Emergency has ended. Federal CDC guidance will remain in place, meaning if you’re unvaccinated, you should still wear a mask in public indoors. Masks will also still be required on public transit and certain other settings, like health care facilities. Fighting COVID and vaccinating New Yorkers are still our top priorities but the emergency is over—and that’s thanks to the hard work of New Yorkers and especially all our essential workers. We will continue to focus on COVID recovery and reimagining and rebuilding New York.

Governor Cuomo June 24, 2021

Fishers Island’s Mask Policies for the start of the Season

Fishers Island Ferry District
Requires masks on board the ferries, while boarding and disembarking, and in the New London and Fishers buildings per the CDC/NYS guidelines for public transportation.

Fishers Island Waste Management
Requires masks for non-vaccinated people. Masks not required for fully vaccinated people if they are comfortable.

Beach Plum & Island Outfitters
Requires masks for all shoppers. Not limiting the number of shoppers unless it becomes too crowded.

Village Market
Requires masks in the store and social distancing while shopping.

Requires masks for non-vaccinated at all times except when seated at a table.

Drink ‘n Vessel Liquor Store
Requires masks in the store for non-vaccinated customers. Fully vaccinated people may choose whether or not to wear a mask.

Requires masks in the store for non-vaccinated customers. Fully vaccinated people may choose whether or not to wear a mask. The side takeout window is open.

Fishers Island Community Center
West End Café & Fitness Center
and for Market Day
If you are fully vaccinated you are not required to wear a mask in or outside the building. Those that have not been vaccinated are required to wear a mask at all times in all areas of the building, and at Market Day.

The Museum is open and masks are required for all.

Race Rock Garden
Maskless outside and masks are required in the buildings.

Island Hardware
Requires masks in the store and is limiting customers to four at a time. Curbside pick-up is available.

IHP Doctor’s Office
Requires masks for everyone when in the building.

Requires masks in the building. Click HERE for details

Masks are required in the vicinity when visiting the Gatehouse for unvaccinated people.

Utility Company
The office building is closed. Please pick up 2021 phonebooks on the porch or through the PO window on weekdays.

Post Office
Masks are required for unvaccinated people and for all if social distancing is not possible.

Union Chapel
For the service outdoors, as we will be seated together in the courtyard, so we request that if you have not been vaccinated you wear a mask.  Masks are discretionary for all others.

Our Lady of Grace Church
Requires masks and social distancing.

St. John’s Church
Requires masks and social distancing for all at indoor services; at outdoor services, those not vaccinated should wear a mask, discretionary for all others.

Movie Theater
Requires masks in the building and seating with cohorts.

Fishers Island Yacht Club
Requires masks for all non-vaccinated people on the premises, indoors and outside. Vaccinated individuals do not need to wear masks outside or on the docks but masks for all in the buildings.

Hay Harbor Club
As New York has begun to ease restrictions for vaccinated individuals, HHC will also begin to ease restrictions for those who are vaccinated. Per New York State guidelines, unvaccinated individuals are required to wear masks indoors at all times and outdoors if they are unable to stay at least 6 feet away from others.

Masks are optional for vaccinated people and if you are unvaccinated please wear a mask.

Pirates Cove Marina
If vaccinated, no mask is needed inside, and if not vaccinated, then masks are required.

Our goal is to have hard policies in place by June 20th so that our parents and our counselors will know specifically what those policies will be. We will most likely be wearing masks when we are inside—the gym at the school, the theater, the Community Center.

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