ICB Meeting June 8, 2021 w/recording

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ICB Monthly Meeting
Tuesday, June 8, 2021
Zoom Meeting

Total Participants: 65

The ICB meets monthly in a public forum with the community to review and discuss Island priorities. Minutes of monthly ICB meetings are posted on the ICB website.

ICB Representatives: Willard Soper (President), Dicky Riegel (Treasurer – Seasonal), Meg Atkin (Year-Round), George deMenil (Seasonal), Nate Malinowski (Year-Round)


Willard: The summary of By-Law changes and the ballot were due to be sent with this meeting agenda; however, in the last 24 to 36 hours—last minute—we received a lot of input/feedback, concerning the number of voting members.  It was decided that further discussion was necessary, and Dicky will lead that discussion later in this meeting.

Compliments to John McGillian on the Rec Path extension, and to George deMenil and Beth Cashel for their help in establishing crosswalks and STOP signs.

Dicky—Treasurer’s Report: There is just over $2,700 in our Liberty Bank account, and another $700 in our PayPal account, giving us approximately $3,400 in cash on hand.  We will be going out to the Community shortly with our Annual Appeal and we continue to encourage everyone to contribute this year, and thank you for your continued support of ICB.

Willard:  Motion to approve Minutes of May 11th ICB meeting? Minutes were approved.

Chris Ingram—IHP:  People are arriving on the Island and seem to be enjoying themselves under the new protocols. To begin with, there will be no new census, and no symptom tracker.  For those who are fully vaccinated, we are going by the State of NY CDC recommendations: those people may go unmasked both indoors and outside; they do not need to test before coming to the Island, and also do not need to test if exposed to positive or potentially positive Covid cases; only reason to test is if becoming symptomatic.  For the unvaccinated, protocols are very much as they were last summer:  no masking outdoors if 6-foot distance is maintained outside of your cohort; masks are required indoors except when eating and drinking; testing is highly recommended before coming to the Island, and if any high-risk contacts, and for anyone who develops symptoms.  A corollary to that would be that each establishment on the Island has its own set of rules—some will require masks for those who are unvaccinated; others will require masks for everybody.  We ask that everyone read these guidelines before entering any establishment and respect them.  Children who have not been vaccinated should follow the rules above that apply to the unvaccinated.

Jane Ahrens: Guidelines re masks, etc. for all businesses on the Island are posted on FishersIsland.net—on the top of the home page under the ‘Covid 19’ section.  If any businesses have changes to the posted guidelines, they should let me know so I can update them.

Susie Parsons: There was a request in Chat that each business post at their site what their mask requirements are.

Jon Britt—FI Library:  Library will be open regular summer hours, half-day (9-12) on Wednesday and Saturday, closed Sunday.  There will not be an occupancy limit—up to the judgment of Librarian Ann Banks.  A full slate of programs is planned, all of which we are hoping will take place in the Madden Garden behind the Library—author talks, annual reception, etc.  Some precautions will remain in place: we are requiring masks indoors, social distancing in the Library, hand sanitizer, sign-in.  The curbside pickup will continue for those not comfortable coming into the Library.  Outdoor furniture has been expanded in the Garden where Wi-Fi is available, and we encourage the use of this space.  Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult or older teenager, and their visits will be limited to an hour.  We will be as flexible as possible with the rules and would like to encourage people to come to the Library.

Willard for Dave Pollack—Pequot: Unvaccinated adults and children should wear masks unless seated at tables; this is on the honor system.  A reminder that online takeout orders may be placed up until 6 pm, and you will be given a pickup time when the order is placed.  Orders placed after 6 pm will be ready for pickup on the following day.

Beth Cashel—Neighborhood Aide:  I’d like to give a description of my position as Neighborhood Aide for those who have recently arrived on the Island:

As the Neighborhood Aide, I work directly with the Town Manager of Southold, Scott Russell.  My role is as a conduit, a communications bridge between the Island and the Town to streamline communication between Fishers and the Town, to increase efficiency and build relationships, to identify the alignment of interests, to communicate Fishers Island consensus of opinion to the Town, and to provide faster follow-through on the Town side for Fishers Island agenda items.  Updates this month are:

a) Sidewalks—there has been approval of a plan to replace sidewalks across from the grocery store, past the Yacht Club, and from the baseball diamond past the Red Barn; bids were sent out in April, due back in May; there was only one contractor who bid on this project; no Fishers Island contractors submitted a bid.  The contractor will be Mattern Construction and work will begin next week.  Concrete work will take 4-5 weeks; shoulder work and landscaping will take place in the fall.

b) Dock Beach Parking: It was noted that commercial vehicles were parking overnight and all weekend at Dock Beach, limiting spaces for beachgoers.  I recommended to Louisa that a code change be enacted using the Town Code regarding current overnight parking restrictions.  Louisa requested that an ordinance be put in place that restricted overnight parking, and she got this proposal on the Town Board agenda for the next meeting, June 1st.  The resolution passed unanimously, and the Town will now have a public hearing on June 29th for the final vote and enactment of the amendment.  Signage will then be updated at the Dock Beach recreational area.

c) The following improvements that were requested by Community members have been made by the DPW: i) the second tennis court was striped for pickleball; ii) replaced the worn tennis net; iii) replaced the basketball nets; iv) checked electrical service for the lights on the courts;

v) repaired the Southold Town dock at Dock Beach; vi) repaired the split rail fence at Dock Beach; vii) installed some temporary ‘No Overnight Parking’ signs at Dock Beach; viii) started a split rail fence on the lawn beachside to keep cars off the lawn and to keep people safe;

ix) repaired the boiler on a rental property;  x) repaired the broken picnic table at Dock Beach.

Some action items on which I will be following up are clearing of the grass on the left as you enter Dock Beach area in order to create more parking space; and the repainting of the State Police barracks.

d) Crosswalks have been established at the beginning of the Rec Path extension as of June 7th.

e) There have been issues with the pump out boat that services the ferry; Geb Cook, on behalf of the Harbor Committee, contacted three pump out services, and one was willing to service our boats.  Geb submitted a purchase order to the Town, and, this year, the pump out service will be paid for by the Town out of the Harbor Committee [budget].  Also, we will have two bay patrolmen this year—Jonathan Farrar and Ian Crary.

f) DMV services on Fishers Island: proposal is still in committee and amendments are being made; I will continue to follow up and keep you apprised.

g) Building inspector and Plans Examiner: a Plans Examiner has been hired; the Town is still in the interviewing process for a Building Inspector.

h) Jane has posted on fishnet the dates and times of all public hearings relative to the Fishers Island community on the calendar if anyone would like to join any of these meetings.  There was a zoning public hearing on May 18th regarding the zoning code for recreational usage; for Fishers Island this will affect the Community Center paddle tennis court project.  The proposal was approved.

i) upcoming Town meetings: June 10th—code committee re: house size; June 15th—code committee re: conversion of existing space to affordable housing; also June 15th—zoning committee re changes to corner lots; June 15th—Town Board meeting; June 16th—Town Trustees meeting re Fishers Island wetland coastal erosion permit application; June 21st—Planning Board meeting; June 29th—Town meeting.

Q to Beth: Is Town Board planning to come to Fishers in August or do Covid protocols still prevent that?

A: That is currently being discussed.

Willard: Shout out and thank you to FIDCO for road work on the East End and now we have to hope everyone maintains safe speed limits.

Dicky—Governance: Everyone is aware of the By-Laws discussion that has been taking place during the past few months, and we have received many thoughtful comments.  We have received additional comments re the size of the Board and the number of voting members.  For some people, voting limited to six elected reps with a quorum of four seems too small.  Conversely to have the voting body include the six-member Board plus the Community reps seems too large, over twenty people total.  We are collecting all input and will take it back to the community with an updated proposal for changes to the existing by-laws.

The other issue on the table is that we will be having elections for Board positions; with Candy Whitman’s departure and expiring term, as well as my expiring term, there will be two open positions on the ICB Board—one for a seasonal rep and one for a year-round rep.  When by-law changes are established we will know how many voting members there will be and this will be completed before the elections which will take place in August.  Information will be posted on the ICB tab of fishersisland.net so that everyone may participate in the process.

Willard:  Also a thank you to Jimmy Ski who did work on the roads as well as the Rec path, and to the Rec Path committee for the good work and the timely completion of the project.

George deMenil: The purpose of the proposed By-Law changes is to strengthen the ICB, to enhance its ability to act as a forum and to promote consensus on issues that are important for the Island. Input from the community has helped improve the proposals.

Q: Masking at the Pequot?

A: Pequot requires masks for the unvaccinated at all times except when seated eating/drinking.

Q to Beth Cashel:  Who will enforce overnight parking ban at Dock Beach area?

A: Once the regulation is approved and enacted, the Town Constables and the State Troopers will have authority to enforce it.

Willard:  On that same topic, next month we will have a report from the Harbor Committee on how our harbors are monitored, maintained, who is responsible, etc.

Willard—comments from the Chat: many thanks and much gratitude to the FI Fire Department, the EMTs, and all who responded to the Shingle Hill Fire and kept it contained, preventing what could have been a terrible tragedy.  All did an outstanding job.

Q’s re status of firehouse construction?

Willard:  We hope to address that next month with Paul or a rep from the Fire Department.

Q to Chris Ingram:  Will houseguests have to present vaccine cards when on the Island?  I guess that would mean at establishments that ask for them?

Susie:  Hosts should be responsible for their guests re vaccination status, and for having them follow protocols for vaccinated or unvaccinated.

Tom duPont displayed his vaccinated wristband.

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