Beth Cashel Named Neighborhood Aide to Southold

The Town of Southhold including Fishers Island and 9 hamlets.

Southold Neighborhood Aide

In response to the need for improved communications with Fishers Island, NY (FINY), Southold Town created a position for a liaison to help navigate the FINY/Southold obstacles. This position is the result of efforts by the Island Community Board (ICB). The ICB needed to have more administrative help and the town needed more information from the island about the unique challenges the island presents. The liaison helps ICB in a coordinating role, keeping the island stakeholders apprised of what is happening in the community and hosting island-wide strategic discussions. Mere Doyen successfully filled this role when the position was first established.

The new Neighborhood Aide for Southold Town is Beth Cashel.

Beth hopes to talk to islanders about their concerns and help find solutions when possible.

It is the goal of the Neighborhood Aide to be available to the community for questions and concerns. She is available at 603-209-5199, this is a cell number, so please leave a message or feel free to text if need be. The email contact for the liaison is

Beth looks forward to getting acquainted and reacquainted with everyone who loves Fishers Island. Please feel free to reach out and visit with her. She will be working very closely with Town Board member Louisa Evans and the ICB to help move things forward for Fishers.

What makes up the Town of Southold?

Fishers Island and the 9 hamlets of:

East Marion
New Suffolk

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