Opportunity on the Waste Management Commission

The Commissioners of Fishers Island Waste Management Tax District (FIWMD) will fill a recent vacancy on the Commission until the time of the regularly scheduled open election on December 14, 2021. The individual filling the vacancy may choose to run for the seat in December and continue to serve on the FIWMD Board of Commissioners.

Commissioners are committed to the safe, environmentally, and fiscally responsible distribution of items no longer needed or wanted by households and/or commercial enterprises.

In addition, Commissioners engage in education regarding matters of waste management technology, financial management, and other matters of governance and process to optimize our operations. 

Any interested persons should send a paragraph stating why they are interested in joining the Commission to FIWMD Manager Beth Stern at fiwastemanagement@gmail.com by May 17. 

Board of Commissioners
Fishers Island Waste Management Tax District

David Burnham, Chair; Bob Evans, Treasurer; Sarah Malinowski, Secretary; Kevin Carroll, Employee Liaison.

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