Happy Summer Rummage Shoppers

We wanted to update you on our tentative plans for the summer as we eagerly await the return of both volunteers and shoppers.

As we’re not out of the woods, yet, with COVID-19, Facebook will continue to be our major selling platform, and we’re planning to do a number of parking lot sales to satisfy the craving for hands-on treasure hunting.

We anticipate Saturday, June 26th will be our first parking lot sale. Stay tuned for updates as we get closer to the date! In the meantime, we plan to post some larger items for sale on our Facebook site. We also hope to have several ‘spur of the moment’ mini pop-ups. Like shoes for $2-3 and free books, perhaps a lamp and table linen day, pants, exercise clothes, etc. and we will gladly take requests for pop-up ideas.

Join our Facebook Group – @FishersIslandOLOGRummage

Please keep checking our Facebook pages!  Our thanks to all our loyal shoppers and a big welcome to new shoppers. We look forward to seeing all of you (even at a distance) this summer!

OLOG Rummage

The OLOG Rummage Ladies

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