ICB Minutes April 13, 2021 w/recording

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ICB Monthly Meeting
Tuesday, April 13, 2021
Zoom Meeting

Total Participants: 80

The ICB meets monthly in a public forum with the community to review and discuss Island priorities. Minutes of monthly ICB meetings are posted on the ICB website.

ICB Representatives: Willard Soper (President), Candace Whitman (Vice President), Dicky Riegel (Treasurer – Seasonal), Meg Atkin (Year-Round), George de Menil (Seasonal), Nate Malinowski (Year-Round)

Willard:  Since we are reviewing/updating the ICB By-Laws, I’d like to preface this meeting by repeating the Mission Statement of the ICB:

MISSION: The Island Community Board promotes the economic, civic, and social welfare of the people of Fishers Island, New York.  It carries out this purpose by serving as a forum for the discussion of issues affecting the life of the Fishers Island community at regular open meetings, by prioritizing these issues and by helping or coordinating with setting goals, by developing action plans to address these issues and achieve these goals, and by submitting such plans to ICB members [for review and consensus].

The reason I bring this up is that we have a list of approximately 600 names with email addresses for members of the ICB; if you are receiving email from ICB, you are a member. If you know of individuals/families who are NOT on the ICB email list, we’d like to add them.  We hope to continue to build membership and participation.

Willard: Motion to approve the minutes of the March 9th ICB meeting?  Minutes approved.

Dicky—Treasurer’s Report: Bank balance is $3,710; PayPal is $768. I’d also like to add that ICB will be coming out to the community, as we did last spring, with our annual appeal for support. Your support will enable ICB to continue doing all the good work it does for the Fishers Island community.

Chris Ingram–IHP:  First I’d like to congratulate all those people who were vaccinated on the Island, and thank all those who made it possible.  IHP hasn’t established any firm protocols for the summer season at this point; basic guidelines come from CDC, particularly travel directives.  The CDC draws a line between those who are vaccinated and those who are not; those who are vaccinated seem to be able to travel quite freely domestically. For those who are not vaccinated, which includes children under 16, they are still required to get tested three days prior to travel, and to quarantine for a full week after arriving at their destination, and testing again three to five days after arrival.  Some version of this protocol will be applicable to those traveling to and from Fishers Island.  How we go about monitoring that is a whole different question and that needs to be fully discussed.  The gateway may not be at the ferry, but possibly each organization/ business on the Island will be responsible for monitoring employees, members, patrons, etc.  NY State is offering what’s called the ‘Excelsior Pass’,* which is a digital form of proof of vaccination, obtainable online.  This may be used as a “passport” for entry to certain events. There is a lot to be hashed out; I don’t expect to have any hard and fast recommendations until later—hope to be more definitive next month.

*NB  The Excelsior Pass is now available to those who have been vaccinated in New York State, including Fishers Island; there is a link on fishersisland.net

Susie:  Di Shillo reported that IHP is still doing a lot of COVID testing on the Island.  Di requests that anyone on the Island or coming to the Island who has been vaccinated take a screenshot of the vaccination certificate and email it to her – Dianna.Shillo@lmhosp.org – so IHP will have a record.  Anyone who is two weeks past the second shot and has no symptoms need not be tested.  However, children/grandchildren coming to the Island who have not been vaccinated DO need to be tested and follow the protocols Chris has stated (noted above). Also, anyone who is not fully vaccinated or not vaccinated at all needs to be tested.  Anyone coming to Fishers should get vaccinated in the State where they reside and from which they are coming; do not expect to get vaccinated on Fishers.

Willard: We need to give a really big thank you to all who made the vaccinating on Fishers possible—the IHP team, Jane Ahrens, EMTs, etc.

Dicky:  A further thank you to those who helped arrange and facilitate Plane Sense flights to get the vaccine to Fishers: Kandi Sanger, Ruth & Tom duPont, and Peggy Weymouth.

Susie: And more thanks to Tom & Di Shillo and the Popeye for jumping in to get the Long Island crew back to the mainland when weather prevented a plane landing on Fishers.

Dicky:  Re summer protocols—At the May ICB meeting we will have reports from the following organizations: FI School (Christian), IPP (Bonnie, Margaret), Pequot (Dave), FI Conservancy (Tom), Museum (Pierce), Library (Jon).  Tonight we have the Community Center (Jeannie), the Fishers Island Club (Dave Cugini), and the Village Market (Billy/Candy).

Jeanie Cook—FI Community Center: We look to all guidelines from IHP.  The building is open and the fitness center/gym is actively used; protocols include wearing masks, signing in and out, observing markers for social distancing, sanitizing equipment before and after use.  The gym is cleaned daily and fogged twice a day.  The Community Center will be using Merv (?) filters, which are used in hospitals.  Regarding programs: planning to resume ‘Market Days’ on Saturdays from Memorial Day until Labor Day; bowling alley is open for rent by families or cohort groups; we’re planning on having Mah Jongg and Bridge games—these will require masks, signing in, and play at your own risk; there is a ‘Movie Night’ each week on Thursday at 7 pm; art classes are to be offered this summer; Elby Burr will offer his ‘Boat Safety’ course in July; there is an Art Show planned for August; Staley Sednaoui and Heidi duPont are working on a new and updated Island cookbook that will be available for sale later this summer—proceeds will go to the IHP; dog grooming (Stacy Hoch) is available twice a week by appointment.  Oytie Kuijpers is producing a podcast called ‘Fishers Island Shorts’—interviews with people on Island—link is on fishersisland.net when ready. We are cautiously optimistic, and will adhere to all IHP guidelines.

Peter Lawrence introduced Dave Cugini—Fishers Island Club: Protocols for this season are a work-in-progress, as we plan for a safe and enjoyable environment for our members and staff.  The main Club and the Beach Club will be open for dining, within NY State restaurant guidelines.  The golf course will open on May 1st; tennis and food & beverage service will begin on Memorial Day weekend.  At present, the Club plans to allow accompanied guest play at both golf course and tennis courts, with the member(s) doing their due diligence to confirm that guests either have been vaccinated or have a negative COVID test.  Many of the protocols of the 2020 season will remain in place, i.e. masks and social distancing.  Also requiring that all of our employees arrive on the Island either fully vaccinated if eligible, or with a negative COVID test.  We will also observe quarantining for those employees who are required to in order to protect fellow employees, Club members, and, of course, the Fishers Island community.  We will adjust all guidelines/protocols accordingly in order to properly protect everyone at the Club and in the Community.

Peter:  We’re buying as much time as possible, waiting to see how NY State regulations evolve.  We will track our members and their guests in regard to testing and vaccinations to the extent that we can.  We’re holding off as long as we can before setting protocols in stone, and I believe that these protocols may change throughout the summer.

Candy for Bill Bloethe—FI Village Mkt: First of all, the market does not expect to have the problems with stock that were experienced last summer.  As of June 1, customers will no longer be required to wear gloves in the store; hand sanitizer will be provided at the door and customers are asked to use before entering.  Masks will be mandatory throughout the summer. There is a request to avoid “crowding” in the market, and customers are asked to self-monitor this: plan trips with a shopping list so you go through once and not linger inside any longer than is necessary; limit the number of people you go shopping with to keep the numbers down; avoid socializing in the store—if you see friends and want to have a conversation, continue outside. Expecting a smooth and good season.

Dicky:  These reports are from the most-used organizations on Fishers. Willard: Hope to have reports from other organizations at the May meeting.

Dicky—By-Laws update:  Dicky screen shared the summary sheet of updates to the ICB by-Laws.  George deMenil and Michael Roberts and I worked together on this project.  By-Laws were last updated in 2016.  One of the issues addressed was voting procedures—when does ICB vote, who has the right to vote, etc.  We want to improve the governance of the organization to make it more effective and responsive to the needs of the community.  We are sharing these changes with all of the elected reps, the community reps and anyone involved with the ICB to gain your input.

Willard:  Summary of By-Law changes will be posted on the ICB website, and sent to all on the mailing list.

George:  I would like to add that the motive here is to make the ICB more effective for the community.

Willard introduced Beth Cashel, who has been named ‘Neighborhood Aide’ or, more definitively ‘Fishers Island Liaison to Southold.

Beth:  As the Neighborhood Aide, I work directly with the Town Manager of Southold, Scott Russell.  My role is as a conduit, a communications bridge between the Island and the Town to streamline communication between Fishers and the Town, to increase efficiency and build relationships, to identify the alignment of interests, to communicate Fishers Island consensus of opinion to the Town, and to provide faster follow-through on the Town side for Fishers Island agenda items.  Updates this month: Sidewalks—there has been approval of a plan to replace portions of the sidewalks in three areas on the West End; I have a photo that I will send to Jane to post.  Bids for this project will be posted as of April 22 and to be returned by May 13.  Hoping for the work to be completed by July 4th.  DMV: a bill has been passed to get DMV services on Fishers Island; a person will be designated to renew licenses, registrations, and number plates for people living on Fishers Island, administer written and road tests and eye examinations; this service will be provided twice annually, for not less than two days.  I will follow up on the enactment of this bill and moving it forward.  Regarding delays with the Building Inspector, the Town is in the process of hiring a new Plans Examiner and a new Building Inspector.  This is an ‘immediate action’ item that should be resolved this month.  Dock Beach Park:  Nancy Hunt Parsons has been in communication with Tim Abrams, head of DPW, regarding improvements to this area.  I will follow up with Tim and Nancy to get more information to report back to the Community.  Public Hearings: two that I want to highlight are zoning hearings, one to take place on April 20 regarding corner lots; another hearing will take place on May 18 regarding zoning changes for recreational uses—this will impact the Fishers Island Community Center in regard to the Paddle Court project.  Links to both of these hearings are posted on fishersisland.net

Also, the Town had a working session on April 6, and in that session the Seagrass Coalition did an amazing presentation, available to see on the Town website.  The Town supports the Coalition’s work.  I will continue to work on your behalf and on increasing communication between Fishers Island and the Town.

Willard:  Great presentation, Beth, and congratulations on the sidewalk project.  I hope some Fishers Island contractors will submit bids.

Q: ICB Board member terms and voting?

A—Willard:  ICB Board members of the ICB are elected for two consecutive 3-year terms; voting for Board members takes place in August; two present Board members – Dicky and Candy – are coming to the end of their terms so we will be looking for two new members, one seasonal and one year-round.

Q:  Reporting vaccines for people returning to the Island?

A—Willard:  Send vaccine info to Dianna.Shillo@lmhosp.org

Willard: There was a suggestion to paint the Police Barracks and plant flowers; that is open to anyone who wants to take that on as a project and we will give plenty of support.

Tom Sargent added that the Conservancy maintains the Police Barracks; that is the path to go down re improvements to the property.

Q: Where should contributions to ICB be sent?

A—MaryBeth: Contributions may be made through PayPal, or sent directly to PO Box 371, Fishers Island, NY 06390.

Q: Update on the Rec Path?

A—Mimi Gary: Jimmy Ski is more than halfway done with the clearing for the path extension. The rec path also plans to hand out bike bells at the Gate House.

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