Water Co. Flushing Hydrant Water Pipes

The FI Water Co. will be flushing hydrant pipes.
The time will be from 9 AM to noon, Monday thru Friday.

Residents in the areas can expect decreased water pressure while we flush and if they notice any discoloration in the water.

Week of April 5:

Monday 4/5          9am- 1 pm        Treasure pond
Tuesday 4/6           9am- 1 pm        Brooks Point
Wednesday 4/7     9am- 1 pm        Brooks Point
Thursday 4/8          9am- 1 pm        Castle Road
Friday 4/9                9am- 1 pm        Castle road

Thank you for your cooperation.

After pipes are flushed, please run your water to remove any discoloring, and until it becomes clear again, before doing laundry, etc.

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