Southold Neighborhood Aide Update 13APR21

NEIGHBORHOOD AIDE UPDATE – Reported by Elizabeth Cashel

ICB MEETING 4/13/2021

As Neighborhood Aid for Fishers Island, I work directly with the Town Manager of Southold, Scott Russel, and serve as a liaison between Fishers Island and the Town. My role is first and foremost as a conduit, a communications bridge, between the Island and the Town in order to:

⇒ Streamline and improve the communication between Fishers Island and Southold

⇒ Increase efficiency and build relationships

⇒ Identify alignment of interests between the Island and the Town

⇒ Communicate Fishers Island consensus opinion to the Town

⇒ Provide faster follow through on the Town side for FI agenda items

Update on Agenda Items


Approval has been provided for Town to replace portions of  sidewalks on the western side of Crescent Ave between Oriental Ave and Athol Crescent, the sidewalk on the eastern side of Crescent Ave from Athol Crescent to Fox Ave, the side walk on the southern side of Fox Ave from Crescent Ave to a point opposite the eastern property boundary of the grocery store.

  • §  Bids will be advertised on April 22nd
  • May 13th bid returned
  • Hoping for work to be completed by July 4th


A bill was passed in the State Assembly that was put forward by our Assemblyperson, Jody Giglio, to get DMV on Fishers. Specifically, the bill enacts:

The Commissioner on Transportation to deputize a person to:

  • Renew licenses, registrations, number plates for people living on Fishers Island.  This person will also be able to administer written and road test, and eye-examinations and photograph registrations and number plates from a facility on Fishers twice annually for a period of not less than two days.


  • Follow up with the Town and Assemblyperson Giglio’s office to move enactment forward.

Building Inspector

§  Town in process of hiring a new Plans Examiner and Building Inspector. This is an item they are working to achieve this month.

Dock Beach Town Park

§  Nancy Hunt Parsons has been in communication with Tim Abrahams who is Head of DPW on improving this area.


  • Follow up with Town, Tim, Nancy, and IPP to get more information to report back to community.

Public Hearings

§  Zoning – amendment to Chapter 280 hearing on April 20th which has to do with a change in Zoning regarding Corner Lots. And there is another Public Hearing on May 18th regarding an amendment to Zoning Code, recreation uses. This will address issues concerning accessory recreation uses – for Fishers this is relevant in that this change will impact the CC Paddle Court project. I refer you to for more information on this. All Southold Hearing Notices are published in Legal Notes.

Fishers Island Sea Grass Coalition

Presented to last week’s Town working session. Town in support of Coalition’s continued work and developing a management plan. If anyone is interested in seeing their presentation to the town it is recorded on the April 6th Town work session on the Town’s site.

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