Funds available to NY homeowners to replace old septic systems

At the beginning of April, New York State announced funding will be available through the State Septic System Replacement Program to support eligible homeowners. Through this program, and Suffolk County’s own initiative, Reclaim Our Water, funds will be available to reimburse eligible property owners for a portion of the cost of replacing cesspools and failing/inadequate septic systems and installing more environmentally effective systems.

These programs can directly impact the health of Fishers Island’s coastal waters, and their associated habitats and ecosystems (including eelgrass meadows). Nutrient runoff from out-of-date septic systems can lead to poor water quality and harmful algal blooms.

You can read more about the State Septic System Replacement Program in this outline and read more about Suffolk County initiatives on the Reclaim Our Water website.

If you are interested or know anyone else that is interested, you can reach out to Joan Crawford who is the local program contact for Suffolk County: 631-852-5811 

If you live elsewhere in New York State and are interested in this program, you can use this link to determine if your county is participating and find the contact information for your local program contact.

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