For Earth Day and Beyond:

Is There Hope for the Planet?

With all the very legitimate dire warnings about climate change that are making headlines this Earth Day, it can be hard to remember that there is still hope if we act. A new nonprofit, Driving Change, that looks to encourage people across the globe to enter public service, decided to provide us with a positive message (for full disclosure, I’m their new editor-in-chief).

While we have a lot we need to do now, look at the amazing policies and programs – such as the Montreal Protocol and a current reforestation project in Pakistan – that have happened and are underway.

On Fishers Island, so many of us are doing what we can to protect our local environment. So on this Earth Day, to quote Driving Change, don’t despair. Step up. Together we can do this!

Arabella Meyer
Editor-in-Chief, Driving Change

Heating Up:  The Battle Against Climate Change

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