NY State’s Excelsior Pass

  • Excelsior Pass provides secure, digital proof of COVID-19 vaccination or negative test results.
  • Print your Pass or use the Excelsior Pass Wallet app to store Passes on a mobile device for easy access at any time.
  • Easily present your Pass at participating businesses and become part of New York’s safe reopening. Businesses will scan your Pass with a mobile device or tablet.
  • To receive your Pass, you’ll need to complete some brief information to verify your identity.

For Fishers POD, completed March 28, this will be accessible on or after April 11 when you will be considered “fully vaccinated”. Others may be eligible now.

Let’s get started.

Will you be able to get a Pass?

You may retrieve a Pass if you have not tested positive for COVID-19 in the last 10 days AND,

  • You have been fully vaccinated in the State of New York AND it has been 14 days or longer since your final shot, OR
  • You had a PCR test administered in the State of New York in the last 3 days and the result was negative, OR
  • You had an antigen test administered in the State of New York in the last 6 hours and the result was negative.
If you’re eligible to retrieve a Pass, have your vaccination or testing records handy, click the button below and enter a few details.
Any personal information will be used in compliance with data protection laws and will not be used for marketing purposes. ~ NYS

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