Job Opening: FISM Outreach Coordinator for HLF Museum

JOB TITLE: Seasonal Seagrass Outreach Coordinator for the Henry L. Ferguson Museum
REPORTS TO: Fishers Island Seagrass Management (FISM) Project Coordinator
CONTRACT: Part-time, 10 hrs/week for 12 weeks
PAY: $25/hr
LOCATION: Fishers Island, New York


Henry L. Ferguson Museum

Since its inception in 1960, the Ferguson Museum has worked to protect habitat for the flora and fauna of Fishers Island, New York. Today, the Museum serves as an anchor institution in the island’s community. Building upon the foundation of these two roles, the Ferguson Museum is working to bring the Fishers Island community together to protect and manage its unique seagrass ecosystem, a threatened but enduring and ecologically significant common-trust natural resource essential to sustaining marine biodiversity, and the livelihood and well-being of all islanders. The Museum has protected habitat through its growing Land Trust, its natural history exhibits, and its environmental education programs. Now, the Museum is furthering its conservation mission by promoting and facilitating community participation in the co-management of its seagrass ecosystem.

Fishers Island Seagrass Management (FISM) Coalition

The Fishers Island Seagrass Management (FISM) Coalition is comprised of community representatives from Fishers Island institutions including the H.L. Ferguson Museum, Fishers Island Conservancy, Town of Southold, Island Community Board, Fishers Island Development Corporation, Fishers Island Club, Hay Harbor Club, Fishers Island Yacht Club, Harbor Committee, Fishers Island School, Pirates Cove Marina, and Fishers Island Ferry District, as well as from the following groups: commercial and recreational fishing, aquaculture, contracted ferries, landscapers, and divers.

The goal of the FISM Coalition is to establish a co-management process for the island’s seagrass meadows, one in which the island community shares seagrass management authority and responsibility with the Town of Southold and the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC). This spring, the Coalition will be conducting a series of webinars for the on and off-island communities in order to solicit feedback on proposed management areas.



  • Engage with both the resident and seasonal island communities to encourage wide participation in FISM webinars
  • Advertise said webinars to the island communities via widely used/read means of communication (existing email list, listservs, newsletters, social media, etc.)
  • Be able to answer basic questions about the process/webinars if asked by community members
  • Help with the webinars themselves as part of the facilitation team (monitoring and answering chats, helping folks with technical problems)
  • Advertise webinars to off-island groups (yacht clubs, boatyards, etc.)


  • Experience in leading community-based engagement
  • Intimate knowledge of the Fishers Island community (Outreach Coordinator will preferably be a seasonal or year-round resident of the island)
  • Strong organizational and project management skills and experience
  • Computer savvy and competent user of Microsoft Office suite and Zoom
  • Ability to enthuse and motivate participation among the wider on and off-island communities


  • a letter of interest
  • your resume
  • the names and contact information (email and phone number) of two professional references as a single PDF to FISM Project Coordinator, Connor Jones, at by 5pm EST Monday, March 15th

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