HLF Museum: Calling All Photographers

Piping Plover courtesy of Todd McCormack

Do you have special photos that capture the wonder of Fishers Island’s diverse natural habitats, from coastline to meadow, and/or images that document or celebrate any of the animal occupants of these habitats?

If the answer is yes, please consider submitting your photos for possible inclusion in this year’s HLFM Annual Exhibition, titled Fishers Island, Naturally: A Celebration of Island Landscapes, Beachscapes and Seascapes, and a Cross Section of the Flora and Fauna that Inhabit Them. Images of species from insects to eagles will be on display, along with a selected sampling of Island flora.

The exhibition, both mounted in the Museum and posted online, will showcase nature photography of Fishers Island over time. It will incorporate imagery of natural beauty and diverse topography and the important role the island plays in providing habitat and sanctuary to wildlife, including migratory birds and rare plants.

We are looking for a wide range of participating photographers. If you have images for possible inclusion in the show, please reach out to Pierce Rafferty at fimuseum@fishersisland.net or call 631-788-7239.

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