Suffolk County EOC COVID-19 Update/Situation Report

Incident: COVID 19 Situation Report: COVID-19-270
Reporting Agency: Suffolk County Emergency Operations Center
EOC Manager: Joseph Trzepizur
Date & Time Period Reported: January 29, 2021 – 1600 hour
Report Completed By: Bruce Hoffman and Doug Shearer


Situation Overview Updates 1/29/21
Confirmed Cases Deaths  Hospitalized*
Worldwide  101,860,188 2,198,644
United States 25,863,057 435,089 104,303
New York  1,395,806 43,277 8,520
Suffolk County  141,354 2,770 733

*Hospitalized numbers are from 1/28/2021

Confirmed Cases by Town as of 1/28/2021
Total Confirmed: 135,172    Additional cases reporting on date: 1,192
End of Previous Day: 133,980

Brookhaven 39,264 Southampton 4,170
Islip 35,331 Riverhead 2,636
Babylon 19,549 East Hampton 1,264
Huntington 15,587 Southold 1,264
Smithtown 9,915 Shelter Island 39

Township not known: 6,134 Total in CRM: 135,170 records
*Please note: Due to the nature of this event, numbers may differ from online sites.


  • Suffolk EOC is operating at Level 3 the operational hours are 0800 hr. – 1600 hr. Monday – Friday, Closed Saturday and Sunday. Today is day 323 of this activation. ESF 5, ESF 8, ESF 13, and SC Sheriffs representatives staffing the EOC.
  • EOC is closed Saturday and Sunday.
  • EOC staff scheduled for EOC operation through Friday, 1/29/2021

FEDERAL:            Yes
NEW YORK STATE:            Yes
SUFFOLK COUNTY:           Yes

0830 – OEM / County Exec Update CC


  • Highlights from today’s Governor Cuomo news briefing:
      The Long Island region has a high hospitalization rate relative to other regions in the state,
      The State has administered 1.789 million vaccines and has used all of the week 1-6 allocations. The State is receiving next week’s allocation of 250,400 doses and is beginning to use them.
      Vaccine is scarce; the Governor stated we are rationing the vaccine fairly by population (1a, 1b and 65+ groups).
      6 to 9 months to produce enough vaccine to vaccinate people in this country, the Governor called on the Biden administration to enact the Defense Production Act to increase the vaccine manufacturing capacity by the drug companies and possibly respond to a new virus, a new booster shot, this effort could be multiple years,
      Rapid testing is the key to opening the State. NYS is establishing a Safe Marriage Reception program that requires testing all individuals attending, 50% capacity (up to 150) at the reception venue. Approval is by the local health department and goes into effect March 15.
  • On January 27th the White House COVID-19 Response Team held their first briefing. It featured Jeff Zients, the administration’s coordinator for pandemic response; his deputy, Andy Slavitt; Dr. Anthony Fauci; Dr. Marcella Nunez-Smith, the chair of the COVID-19 equality task force, and Dr. Rochelle Walensky, the director of the CDC and Prevention. Fauci said there was concern about the South African variant, lab tests shown that it can diminish the protective power of the vaccines. He stressed that the level of protection provided was still within the “cushion” of vaccine effectiveness, he added the government was working with pharmaceutical companies on potential “booster” shots for the new variants. Dr. Marcella Nunez-Smith discussed the equitable vaccine distribution plan. Also discussed was establishing a rolling 2-3 day vaccine supply, ensuring six doses in each vial, and acquiring low- dead space syringes. The team discussed increasing the weekly allocation to states by 16% with nationally 10 million doses per week output. Vaccine production numbers forecasted to be 200 million doses by the end of March and Pfizer will produce 120 million by the end of this quarter. The government is ordering 400-600 million additional doses from Pfizer and Moderna. Governor Cuomo at yesterday’s news briefing expressed concern over the COVID positivity rate in the Long Island region, one of three areas of concern statewide. He believes that personnel behavior is influencing the positivity rate, he is asking for a targeted strategy for correcting the rate.
  • As of Tuesday, January 26th, the CDC expanded the negative COVID-19 test requirements to include all air travelers entering the country. All travelers entering the United States will be required to provide proof of a negative test taken within 72 hours of their travel date. The CDC also recommends an additional test to be taken between three and five days following arrival in the country.


  • IMAT Planning Section has been established. See Incident Action Plan for additional details. Planning Section will be operational on days the POD is open.


  • As of 1545 today, 311 responded to 458 COVID-19 related calls, they received 465 non-COVID calls.


  • 14 Staff assigned, 1 Logistics Chief, 1 Assistant Logistics Chief, 4 resource management staff, including Sheriffs, and Probation.
  • The FRES Supply POD was open today, as of Wednesday (1/27/21): the Logistics team distributed 7,630,377 pieces of PPE.


  • Suffolk County and Northwell Health System have jointly established a mass vaccine medical countermeasure PODs. PODs are operational at the Grant (Brentwood) campus and the Eastern Campus (Riverhead) of Suffolk County Community College. The PODs are staffed by personnel from Northwell, Suffolk County (County Executive’s Office/FRES/SCPD/DHS/EMS/SC Sheriffs), and CERT volunteers. Vaccines are being provided to individuals identified in the phase 1a and 1b priority groups.
    POD operational elements:
      Grant Campus (Brentwood) hours: 9am-6pm, vaccine appointments: 500
    o As of 1530 today doses administered 369
    o Total doses administered yesterday (1/28) 511
      Eastern Campus (Riverhead) hours: 10am-6pm, vaccine appointments: 500
    o As of 1530 today doses administered 411
    o Total doses administered yesterday (1/28) 498
      Doses administered the POD’s since the start of operations 7,655


  • As of 1/28/2021
    2,471,041 people tested in Suffolk County 5.7% or over 141,354 of those tested positive for COVID-19. Thursday 21,491 were tested in Suffolk County with 1,241 testing positive. 5.8% tested positive in Suffolk County yesterday.
  • On January 27 Suffolk County Reported:
    325,047 total tested for antibodies
    35,509 individuals not previously tested for COVID-19 have tested positive for antibodies
  • Countywide Hospitals (information from 1/28/2021 NYS HERDS:
    Hospital beds in County: 3,201; Hospital beds available 690 = 22%
    ICU beds in county: 436; ICU beds available 88 = 20%

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  • Daily hospitalization census numbers have shown a steady increase since the end of October. Starting the middle of November, the daily number of currently admitted COVID patients rose above 100 consistently. Since December 2, the daily count trended above 300 patients and in January leveled at over 850. Lately, the trending data indicated a downward track. Below is a chart that focuses on daily statistics and also presented is a 3-day trending line.


  • Because of the increasing trend in Hospitalizations, the below revised table was developed to track the total “newly admitted and positive after admission COVID patients in the last 24 hours”. Evidenced here is daily data from October 1 to the present with a 3-day trend line. A steady and consistent upward trend has taken place since the beginning of November. Recently, as of the second week of January, the three-day trend indicates a descending track.



  • Hospital morgue decompression is in surveillance mode – Suffolk County Health Services is observing trends in the overall and individual hospital morgue census to preemptively re-assemble the County’s Hospital decompression team.


  • On March 20, 2020, the State of New York received a Major Disaster Declaration FEMA-4480-DR for the COVID-19 Incident. The declaration authorizes public assistance for Category B Emergency Protective Measures.


Joseph Trzepizur, EOC Manager
Office of Emergency Preparedness
Suffolk County Fire, Rescue & Emergency Services
Office Phone:  631-852-4904
Office Fax:  631-852-4922
Suffolk County Office of Emergency Management

Bruce Hoffman, Training Officer
Suffolk County Fire Rescue and Emergency Services
Office of Emergency Management
102 East Avenue, Yaphank, New York 11980
631.852.5125 Office
631.835.1329 Mobile

John Bergquist
Fishers Island Emergency Management Director

*Updates will be posted as they come in.

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