2021 FIDCO Stickers Available as of January 1

January 1, 2021

Dear Fishers Islanders:

I hope this new year brings health and safety to you all – as well as new sticker!

Please find below information regarding the 2021 rates and the regulations governing vehicular and bicycle traffic on FIDCO’s East End roads – including a new policy with respect to Guest Passes.  This information may also be found on FIDCO’s website at www.fidco.us.


The gate pass sticker rates for all Residential and Commercial Vehicle categories are set forth below, and on the website – and are unchanged from last year.  As a reminder, every vehicle entering the East End must have a FIDCO sticker affixed to the upper right-hand corner of its windshield, so they can easily be seen by the Gate House attendants.

Stickers may be purchased via the online system, which streamlines the process and limits the congestion at the Gate House, at https://fidco.us/gate-pass-renewal-request/.  As a reminder, a FIDCO Waiver and Release is required to be signed annually for all vehicles accessing FIDCO property, and is signed at the time of sticker purchase.


The cost of maintaining and strategically enhancing FIDCO’s core assets, including its roads and security, rises routinely.  FIDCO works hard to mitigate and manage these costs – however, the Guest Pass privilege has increased to a point that charging for them is now required.

Starting in 2021, holders of Residential Vehicle Stickers only may request a Guest Pass for a household guest for up to 7 consecutive days per year for a cost of $50 per pass. Holders of Commercial Vehicles are not eligible for Guest Passes, unless they are also island residents. Guest Passes may also be purchased online and picked up at the Gate House; a FIDCO Waiver and Release must also be signed by the guest. This includes passes requested for day-trip golfers.  The Guest Pass will be registered to a specific vehicle, and once that vehicle exceeds the maximum 7 days, a sticker will need to be purchased in order to continue to access the East End.

We ask that hosts please help us make sure that guests are fully aware of speed limits, and the rules and regulations of the FIDCO roads, beaches, and the Recreational Path.


If you are renting your property, please note that the tenants are not considered guests.  Renters (on both the East or West End) are not eligible for Guest Passes, no matter the duration of their rental.  All island Renters who wish to access the East End must purchase a vehicle sticker and sign the FIDCO Wavier and Release.

 Safety on FIDCO Roads

FIDCO roads on the East End are private property – and we take safety very seriously.  The speed limit on the main road is 30 MPH, and the speed limit on dirt roads is 15 MPH.  Both FIDCO and the NYS Police monitor traffic on the East End roads, and posted speed limits, as well as compliance with stop signs, will be strictly enforced.  However, safety is everyone’s responsibility.

We have seen too many and often repeated incidents of reckless driving and speeding.  FIDCO will suspend or revoke East End access to anyone who is not safe on our roads, and will continue to do anything within its power to support law enforcement efforts.  Please exercise care, observe posted limits and warnings, come to a full stop at the Gate House and road crossings, drive safely, and lead by example.


 Beach Parking

Please take note of the areas where “No Parking” signs are posted at the East End beaches.  These restricted areas are designated for emergency vehicle access and orderly traffic flow, and FIDCO will enforce these parking restrictions – including through the use of orange violation window stickers.  Repeated violations may lead to driving privileges being revoked on the East End roads.

As we look forward to a new year, I thank you in advance for helping us keep everyone safe by abiding by these rules and regulations.


Amelia Gary


A FIDCO Sticker is a temporary license to operate a vehicle on the private East End roads, according to the guidelines set forth below and on our website.  Vehicles and bicycles will not be allowed on the East End without a FIDCO Sticker or Guest Pass, and must sign the FIDCO Waiver.

Motorized Bikes, Electric Bikes, Motorcycles, Mopeds, ATV’s, Roller Blades, Skateboards, Baby Carriages and Strollers are not permitted on the East End Road.

Additional Sticker Rules and Regulations may be found on the FIDCO website:  www.fidco.us

Residential Vehicles
East End Property Owners $185 per vehicle
West End Residents $275 per vehicle
All Island Renters $300 per vehicle
Year-Round Residents (must have FI Ferry card) $40 per vehicle
Guests $50 per vehicle for up to 7 days
Bicycles Free
Commercial Vehicles (Contracting, Catering, Cleaning, Caretaking, Delivery and Real Estate)
Light Duty (Cars, SUV’s, Vans and Pickups) $375 per vehicle
Heavy Duty (Trucks) $500 per vehicle
Commercial Day Pass – Light Duty (Cars, SUV’s, Vans and Pickups) $75 per day
Commercial Day Pass – Heavy Duty (Trucks) $140 per day
Oversize Vehicles (Tri Axle, Concrete Mixers, Bulldozers) $350 per day

Printable FIDCO 2021 Sticker Letter

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