West End of Isabella Road is Open

UPDATE 15DEC20: Road is open. The dangerous portion of the project is completed however the road surface still rough.

6DEC20: West End of Isabella road is closed to vehicle and pedestrian traffic until further notice. Access to properties and beach is through East side of Isabella road only.

A power outage on Isabella road last night resulted in an unrepairable underground burn. Temporary power has been run above ground to restore service to those affected. This condition as well as an open trench along this stretch of road creates an unsafe environment making the road impassable. For your own safety please stay clear of the active worksite on the west end of the road and access homes from east end of Isabella Road only.

Fishers Island Electric Corporation is actively working to correct this issue as soon as possible however it may be a few days before the project is fully completed.

Thank you for your cooperation.


Chris Finan
President Fishers Island Utility Company

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