July 4, 2020                 Lindsay Harvey Wooten and Michael James Day, St. John’s Episcopal Church, Fishers Island, NY

July 30th, 2020           Olivia Ball and Louis Coppersmith in Brooklyn, NY

September 19, 2020   David & Martha Burnham in West Hartford, CT

September 26, 2020   Nicholas John Baccile and Sarah Elizabeth Rongey at home on Fishers Island, NY

October 14, 2020         Maude Glendon and Oliver Scholle on Fishers Island, NY

October 24, 2020        Annie Olden Powers and George Hampton Franklin in Lake Placid, NY

November 7, 2020.     James Wright and Elise Lemieux on Goss’s dock on Fishers Island, NY




*Photographer Allie Dearie in New London

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