Sam Jayne passed away in New York City the week of December 14, 2020. He was 46.

A beloved bartender, DJ, ‘event planner’, and a mainstay at The Pequot on Fishers Island, Jayne was the founder of the indie rock bands Love as Laughter and Lync. In recent days, friends and family expressed concern for Jayne, noting that he had been missing for a week but on Tuesday he was found.

“The search for Sam Jayne has concluded and our hearts are broken,” Zeke Howard, a bandmate from Love Is Laughter posted on Instagram. “Our dear Sam is no longer with us but his memory and impact will endure.”

A native of Olympia, Washington, Jayne also is missed by friends and fans in New York at Clem’s in Williamsburg and The Diamond in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

Sam’s family created a website for him and posted the beautiful and heartfelt letter found at this link.

And a card from many of the Pequot’s customers with these messages and more.

Click any post-it or photo for a larger image.

One of a kind, Sam. We will all dance together soon in his memory. Love you all so so much, Alex 

So much love for Sam! My Sam I Am. My mom’s “Like” (🎶Proud Mary🎤) 💔

Forever with us… Rolling, rolling, rolling on the river✌💚😊🤘Christine Rogan

This is so amazing and heart-felt, echoing how truly special the Fishers community is. Sam would have loved reading this, and I can see his beaming smile right now. I feel so lucky to have spent so much time with both Sam and all of those on this card, as well as all of the lifelong friendships I’ve developed through being involved with the Pequot family. I wish I could properly portray the warmth in my heart during these times with all the love that we share. Miss you all & with love, Thomas

Fishers is the community that we all always have and that I’m so thankful for. I think that’s why at least for me, losing Sam is hitting really hard – because I always feel like no matter what, no matter how we all scatter and move around, we all have that island connectivity and we’ll all eventually find each other there. It’s that faith and knowing that it’s ok for all of us to spread out each year, that we’ll always come back there – allllll the way up until we’re old and gray. And losing someone from that forever community is so hard. He was the best. And it’s been so fun to see how many people felt that way too. He really was a magical connector that brought so many people happiness and joy and funky style and amazing music – he lived it up. Been listening to his music all week and just so thankful that we got him. This person chose to be our friend. We were so lucky, Sue Bohlen

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