Got Buoys? An Island Collaboration

Big Progress on day 1 of installing the painted buoys 21NOV20

Please drop off finished buoys at the front of the tree at the spot overlooking the Parade Ground and we will add your buoys to the tree. Please don’t add them yourself. And check on the ground behind the tree for buoys that need to be painted!

Did you paint a buoy for the tree? Please send us a photo of your buoy, or of you with your buoy, and we will make a photo gallery of all the contributors!

Please be a part of this Island community project
and help create our own Island Buoy Tree

We have a collection of buoys to start with, compiled by the Conservancy’s coastal debris clean-up effort lead by Michele Klimczak, and others that have washed ashore. We hope community members of all ages, families, organizations, shops, districts, and businesses will pick up and paint a buoy and be represented on the tree.

We need a lot of buoys!

And, if you already have a buoy to paint, or have more buoys to contribute for others to decorate, that is awesome as well. You can drop them off now at the tree overlooking the Parade Ground. This Buoy Tree project will be fun for all. And, we know water-based (permanent when dry) acrylic paint works well. So do latex and oil-based paints you have sitting around. And a good permanent sharpie can add any details you like. Don’t forget to sign it somewhere!

29NOV20 Buoy Tree video (in slow-mo)

Every buoy will be beautiful!

Thank you to Harrison for the delivery and Tom for the construction!

The buoy tree frame has been beautifully constructed by Tom Kexel and was delivered to the spot by Harrison Hall. Thank you to Tom for his creative and professional construction work and to Race Rock Gardening for the supplies for the frame. Thank you to Kristen Peterson for sourcing other stashes of found buoys to add to the pile too.

We started to add completed buoys to the tree on Saturday, November 21. Come by and drop off buoys at the spot overlooking the Parade Ground. More buoys will be added to complete the tree, and lights will come before the holidays – so that gives everyone time to ‘get painting’.

Interested in volunteering on this project or have questions? Please contact us at

Wells Harbor Maine tree ‘under construction

Interested in donating some of the supplies? Looking for:

  • buoys
  • paint
  • brushes
  • strings of white holiday lights
  • zip-ties
  • rope

Please contact us at or text 203-801-8431

Please scroll down for photos of trees and buoys we found as inspiration.

Photo Credit above: Wells Harbor, ME

Photo Credit below: Eastham, MA

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