Gardening January 2021

From Mélie’s Garden

Now that the days are becoming ever so slightly longer, the new 2021 gardening catalogs are starting to arrive in the mail. I have a number that I look forward to receiving each year and that I recommend highly if you don’t have them already.

Bluestone Perennials
Madison, Ohio
(800) 852-5243
Excellent selection of perennials to order, if Race Rock doesn’t carry them – the plants arrived in good condition after shipment.

Edmonds Rose
Randolph, Wisconsin
(800) 347-7609
I have ordered a number of healthy rose plants from Edmonds that have grown well.

John Scheepers Kitchen Garden Seeds
Bantam, Connecticut
(860) 567-6086
Known for their bulbs, John Scheepers has interesting seeds as well!

Johnny’s Selected Seeds
(877) 564-6697
Highly respected organic seed company in Maine. Owned by Elliot Coleman famed year-round grower and author.

Danielson, Connecticut
(860) 774-8038
Superb family-owned nursery with a large selection of house and garden plants.

Plant Delights Nursery, Inc.
Raleigh, North Carolina
(919) 772-4794
They provide an interesting selection of rare and native plants that arrived in healthy condition.

Prairie Moon Nursery
Winona, Minnesota
(507) 452-1362
Native seeds and plants – wildflowers and grasses
I have ordered from them for the past two years and have always received healthy little plants that have grown well in our field.

Select Seeds
Union, Connecticut
(800) 684-0395
A good selection of heirloom pollinator-friendly, seeds, and plants.

Swan Island Dahlias
Canby, Oregon
(800) 410-6540
Lovely selection of Dahlia tubers – I have grown them for years and have never been disappointed.

And finally two garden tool sources I have always relied on, if I can’t find something locally.

A.M. Leonard
Piqua, Ohio
(800) 543-8955
They sell an excellent selection of professional garden supplies.

Gardener’s Supply Company
Burlington, Vermont
(800) 427-3363
Products for the home gardener

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