Fishers Island’s Off-Season COVID-19 Census


Due to the high volume of individuals who have traveled to and from Fishers Island throughout the Summer we have decided to create a ​new census​ for individuals who plan to remain on Island in September and beyond.

This new census – the Off-Season Census – is connected to a ​new symptom tracker​. Once the Off-Season symptom tracker begins, we will stop sending the Summer one, so please make sure to fill out the Off-Season Census so that you can be counted and sent the new symptom tracker. With year-round residents and seasonal visitors’s compliance, we will be best equipped to effectively monitor symptoms and keep our island community safe into the Fall, Winter, and Spring.

A recent outbreak of COVID-19 on Fishers Island has tested our symptom tracking and contact tracing protocols and proven that they can be effective in slowing the spread of the virus. During the outbreak swift action and adherence to protocol allowed us to contain the virus to only 9 positive cases. In order to continue to protect our Island community, and allow for effective contact tracing, it is extremely important that year-round and seasonal community members register for the ​Off-Season Census​ and continue to fill out the Off-Season symptom tracker.

If you have any questions or concerns do not hesitate to reach out via email to​ or ​​. With your help we can continue to protect the Fishers Island community.

The COVID-19 Symptom Tracking and Contact Tracing Team

FINY Off-Season COVID-19 Resident Census

If you are a regular commuter to an employer on Fishers Island, please fill out the census link below.

Commuting Worker FINY COVID-19 Census

Why? It is for Contact Tracing purposes. The hospitals do not have the capacity to do contact tracing so, should a member of our community become infected, this list will enable IHP to find and notify the people who have had contact with the COVID-19 patient.

The purpose of an accurate census helps the Island Health Project estimate and plan for community needs in relation to the status of the COVID-19 virus on Island. It applies to EVERYONE – year-round residents, seasonal residents, guests, contractors, and service people. The information provided will be treated as confidential, not shared, or displayed without explicit permission from you in advance.

This census was created under the auspices of the ICB for IHP on Fishers Island, NY. This information will only be available to IHP and only accessed as needed during this COVID-19 event.

September 14, 2020

Dear Fishers Island Community Members,

The Fishers Island Health Project is now operating on their regular off-season hours:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Sat-Sun
5pm-7pm 9am-12pm Closed 9am-12pm 9am-12pm Closed

The IHP staff has been working extremely hard throughout the summer and at all hours of the day. Now that we are in the Off-Season office hours, to schedule a test you MUST call or email the IHP office ​at least​ 4 days in advance at (631) 788-7244 or to create a record for your test order. Messaging IHP staff on their personal lines will not create a record at the IHP and these requests will not be accounted for. Please NOT contact IHP staff on their personal emails or phones with COVID-19 related questions or issues. All inquiries need to go through the office.

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