Trunk or Treat Halloween 2020 a HUGE Success

IPP would like to thank the Fishers Island Ferry District, the Fishers Island Conservancy, and all the folks who volunteered their time and donations to make the 2020 Trunk or Treat a great evening, and hopefully a new tradition!

Thanks for coming!
Mere Doyen, Alex & Dave Pollack

And, the Island community would like to thank the Rock Stars, Mere Doyen, Alex & Dave Pollack, for their vision, leadership, creativity – hosts with the most! This was the best Halloween ever on Fishers and exactly the event that was needed in this weird world of 2020 (and that C-19). Thank you to all the volunteers who made it happen and to all who came and had a wonderful time enjoying the fun!

On behalf of IPP I would like to thank Alex, Dave, Mere, and Alex and Dave’s friend Mimi for a SPECTACULARLY SPOOKY and CREATIVE Halloween Celebration. What FUN to have a Tailgate Trick or Treat, outdoor movies, a haunted trail, a Fortune Teller Extra Donaire!!! Thank you for everything. I can’t wait for next year. xoxo, Meg Atkin

Are you wondering how this all came together? Well, IPP President Jessica Doyle asked her board member Alex that question, and here is her wonderful and heartfelt answer:

Merr, Dave, and I are always thinking of ways to create fun experiences on Fishers. This community is so strong all year round and Dave and I feel very lucky to be part of it this year.

Typically, our family travels to the home of my old friend Mimi Flow (and long time FI visitor) for Halloween in the Hudson Valley. She creates an incredible experience for our kids. Mimi is a total enthusiast and so gifted at making amazing costumes and sets.

We got talking with Mere Doyen one afternoon and discussed how cool it would be to create some Halloween fun outdoors for the kids and the community. We talked about a maze in the beautiful parade grounds, and having a fun active mission for all ages.

Then, Mere tied in the theater idea with tailgate and films outside, where we could visit with all of our friends, but from a safe distance. We are constantly thinking about ways to utilize the FI theater year-round as a real community venue and this was a perfect opportunity to try that out. Growing up summers here, that theater provided me so much freedom and independence. Where else can you go in this world and just drop your kids off (with a pillow) and let them walk home alone after the film? (And on that note thanks to the crew who brought in the cushioned seating a few years back!)

I took the idea to IPP, as a board member, and they happily supported it with the budget we requested.  This event is completely in line with our mission for IPP. We then went to the Ferry District and the FI Conservancy, both of whom gave it a very quick green light.

Mimi brought three carloads of material from upstate along with creative plans and we got started. It was lots of hard work but we had so much inspirational positive response making it extremely gratifying and fun to put together. There were so many people willing to drop everything and help out as you can see from this list.

It’s really a moving experience when everyone comes out to support and contribute for the enjoyment of all. I think we can all use a little more joy these days! Best, Alex

Super Hero Volunteers with Mere, Dave, and Alex

Mimi Flow
Jared Toldo
Sam Jayne
Alex Williams
Gussie Foshay
Nick Klimczak
John Klimczak
Lucinda Herrick
Beth Arsenault
Kathrin & Brian Leuchtenburg
Jane Ahrens
Kristen Peterson
Hanna Davies
Charlotte Kershaw
Lukas DeSimone
Rupert Davies



Fishers Island Village Market
Fishers Island Community Center
Race Rock Gardens
Karl Eiriksson
Claudia DeSimone
Margaret Chaves
Chris Finan
Joe Brock
Chad Mrowka


Best Tailgate: Jen Sanger & The Allen Family
Runner Up: Lusker Family

Photos Galore – Just Click the purple Gallery Button below

Photo Credit goes to Gussie Foshay-Rothfeld, Mere Doyen, Dave Pollack, Alex Pollack, Mimi Flow, Courtney Allan & Jane Ahrens with aerial shots by Arthur Anthony

This very short video will make everyone smile!

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Link to the 2020 Truck or Treat Invitation

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