ICB Minutes October 13, 2020 w/Recording

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ICB Annual Meeting
Tuesday, October 13, 2020
Zoom Meeting

Total Participants: 108

The ICB meets monthly in a public forum with the community to review and discuss Island priorities. Minutes of monthly ICB meetings are posted on the ICB website.

ICB Representatives: Willard Soper (President), Candace Whitman (Vice President), Dicky Riegel (Treasurer – Seasonal), Meg Atkin (Year-Round), George de Menil (Seasonal), Nate Malinowski (Year-Round)

Willard:  Minutes of Sept 15th meeting approved.

Dicky Riegel:  Treasurer’s Report: Checking balance $6,303; Pay Pal balance $878. Thanks to all who have contributed; encourage everyone to become a member @ $25 per person.

Governance: Thank you to all the representatives from Island member organizations for support;

By-laws of ICB (last updated in 2017) are being reviewed for further updates.

IHP/Chris Ingram: Two more positive COVID cases have been identified on the Island, resulting in 27 people in quarantine at this time.  One of these cases also affected four local businesses.

Mecky: So far 115 people have signed up for the off-season census; everyone who is on Island for any length of time—weekend, holiday, voting, etc.—should sign up for the census.

Chris: There has been a slowdown in the turnaround time for COVID testing; please avoid ALL unmasked indoor social activity; it is where the highest risk of virus activity has and will occur.

FI Utility Co/Tom Siebens: FIUC has prioritized keeping staff healthy and safe; water meters, if being removed for the winter, should be done sooner rather than later; FIUC waiting on approval for water renovation project; present water sources continue to work well; those with  private wells should monitor use and not over-use; electric company working on a new infrastructure plan and a “remote meter reading system” funded by rate increase that will become effective Nov 1st; telephone company was able to handle the extra usage this winter/spring/summer and there is a plan to expand fiberoptic cable system.

Waste Mgmnt/David Burnham: The 2020-2021 budget has been established and it will reflect a $90,000 deduction in taxes levied; the Board and District Managers are reviewing the management structure and basic operations to improve service to the community.

Principal Chris Arsenault, along with architect David Quisenberry and finance associate Christine Crowley presented the proposed Capital Improvement plan for the FI School, accompanied by a power point presentation including drawings, floor plans, time line and financial information.  The plan will be presented again at the Oct 21st and  Nov 18th School Board meetings. Referendum vote will take place on December 1st from 2 to 8 pm at the School.

Willard re sidewalk repair: project has been approved; expect work to begin in the Spring.

Willard/Tom Siebens: Permits are required to dig a new private well, and usage should be reported to FIUC.

Candy: Question for Christian: if renovation plan is approved, when is construction to begin?

Christian: Construction to begin in the summer of 2022, and completed summer 2023; school sessions not to be interrupted.

Susie Parsons: Be extremely diligent about COVID protocols, i.e., masks social distancing, etc. and please complete off-season census.

Willard:  Thank you to Mecky Kuijpers for outstanding job with symptom tracking, census, etc.

Respectfully submitted,

MaryBeth Guimaraes
ICB Admin/Secretary


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