Special Message from IHP 8SEP20: COVID-19 #16

September 8, 2020

Dear Fishers Island Community,

This letter provides the latest update on COVID-19 related events continuing through the Labor Day weekend.

As of today, Tuesday, September 8, there are five individuals who recently received a positive COVID diagnostic test, and two additional symptomatic individuals who are being tracked. As a result of the movements of the five positive cases over just a few days, there are currently approximately 115 direct contacts on Fishers Island that have tested negative but are observing quarantine protocols until enough time has passed to ensure they are in the clear. Please note the wide impact that just a few people can have on our small community and consider the substantial resources that have been expended in the process.

Once informed of the first positive case IHP immediately initiated the recommended contact tracing protocols to identify any direct contacts of those affected, as well as contacts of contacts. Through these efforts, and by following the health and safety protocols established over the last few months, the “mini-outbreak” appears to have stemmed from two asymptomatic individuals, said to have tested negative prior to arriving on the island, but with the virus still incubating inside them.

Four of the five positive cases have left Fishers Island as of Saturday, September 5. One remains on the island in strict isolation.

As noted above, all of the identified direct contacts of the positive cases have subsequently been tested, with negative results. One of these individuals still being watched has since left the island, and one remains on island, also in isolation.

As you might imagine, it has required an almost Herculean effort over the weekend by the IHP team to trace all of the direct contacts, and then identify contacts of contacts, and to schedule and perform tests for all. Yet by following the protocols, we have established on Fishers Island over the past few months, this “mini outbreak” has been contained to only five to seven individuals before a wider spread transmission could occur.

The lesson here is simple. We have a system and protocols that work when followed, and we must continue to adhere to these recommendations with vigilance. Do not assume, just because you have a negative test on one day, that the virus is not still incubating within you after potential contact with an infected individual. Most importantly, stay distanced, wear a mask, wash your hands. It’s almost that simple.


People in quarantine:​ ~115 (as of 9/8/20) (rough approximate)

Number of positive cases: ​5 (as of 9/8/2020) 1 remains on Island
Number of additional symptomatic individuals:​ 2 (as of 9/8/2020). 1 is still on the island.
Both will be re-tested on 9/9

Businesses affected:

  • Fishers Island Club
  • Fishers Island Village Market
  • The Tidal Wave Salon
  • The OLOG Rummage

Yours in health,

Dr. Christopher Ingram
Physician in Residence, Fishers Island

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