Respecting Our Island: Carry In & Carry Out

September 2020

To: Fishers Island Community
From: Island Community Board
Subject:  Respecting our Island

On behalf of FIDCO, the Ferry District, the Fishers Island Conservancy, the Fishers Island Fire Department, and the community at large, ICB is writing all of you as a reminder that all community members and their guests need to respect our beaches and open spaces. Leaving trash in beach parking lots, starting beach fires that are not safely built, and completely extinguished, throwing beer cans into the brush by beaches seems to have been the norm on Fishers this summer. The disrespect for the Island’s environs seems to happen every summer and we as a community must work to stop this.

The Ferry District which manages the airport property has reported that people are leaving garbage at The Race, Bud’s Hole, and at South Beach. The policy is to remove all garbage you create and leave nothing behind. It certainly would be sad if Southold, as a property owner, closed off all access to this area.

We can’t allow people to feel like it’s someone else’s responsibility to clean up after them.

Additionally FIDCO as asked that we post the following:

“Over Labor Day Weekend, unfortunately, there were two separate incidents of trash left behind in the Chocomount parking lot including piles of beer cans, broken glass, and a broken table. It is particularly disrespectful when special measures had been taken to make the beach a safe place during the COVID Pandemic. Fishers has always enjoyed a culture of beach gatherings. Be considerate and pick up after yourselves. It is everyone’s responsibility to carry in and carry out, and to protect beach property.
Please help us keep Fishers Island and the beaches clean and safe.”
FIDCO – Roads and Beach Committee

On behalf of the entire community please respect our island and remove any trash you create. Additionally, remind family members, guests, and tenants of the same.



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