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Annual Exhibition 2020 Now Open

Did you miss seeing the Museum’s illustrated talks this past summer?

No Problem. They are all viewable at fergusonmuseum.org. The following links will take you directly to each individual recorded talk:

The Eclectic Houses of Fishers Island and Beyond by architect Jacob Albert takes you on a tour of Fishers Island’s diverse, eclectic architecture with references to related houses beyond our shores.


Connecticut State Historian Walter Woodward discusses his fascinating new book Creating Connecticut: Critical Moments that Shaped a Great State that was published by Globe Pequot Press in 2020.

The Physical Science of Climate Change. In a world where facts matter, learn about the science of climate change from Fishers Island seasonal resident Pete Raymond. This talk covers the history of climate change science and how modern day greenhouse gas concentrations are maintained. Pete is a professor of ecosystem ecology at the Yale School of the Environment.

The Bethlehem, Pa. – F.I. Connection: How a Once-Strong Link Became Uncoupled. This illustrated talk by HLFM Director Pierce Rafferty, co-directed by media artist Marisela La Grave, examines the untold story of Fishers Island’s once strong but now all-but-forgotten connections to Bethlehem, PA. The video focuses on the Bartletts of Bartlett Cottage fame, the Hoppes family, owners of the Mononotto Inn, and the Linderman brothers, industrialists who built the “Garp” house and today’s Baccile house.

The Garden Can Save Your Sanity, Your Health and Birds Too! Edwina von Gal, noted landscape designer, reveals the basics of nature-based design with practical tips for beginners and experts alike, as she invites all to toss the chemical crutches and step into a whole new world of land partnering.

An Introduction to Backyard Butterflies. Kim Hargrave, Denison Pequotsepos Nature Center education director, introduces the viewer to a variety of backyard butterflies while discussing how to attract butterflies to your yard, their important role as pollinators, and their incredible life cycle.

The History of Farming on Fishers Island. This illustrated talk by Pierce Rafferty was co-directed by media artist Marisela La Grave. More than a century after the establishment of a human-centric summer resort on Fishers Island, we have all but forgotten that for most of its history since European settlement in the 1640s Fishers Island was a working cattle and sheep farm with attached dairy. This video explores that rich history and includes a brief look at what is known of the Native American farming on Fishers Island that preceded it.

The History of Brickmaking on Fishers Island. This illustrated talk by Pierce Rafferty, co-directed with media artist Marisela La Grave, traces the evolution of brickmaking on Fishers Island from its small-scale origins in the Colonial period to its exponential expansion in the late 19thcentury, followed by a precipitous collapse in the early 20th.

The Rise and Fall of Hotels on Fishers Island. This illustrated talk by Pierce Rafferty, co-directed with media artist Marisela La Grave, examines the golden era of grand hotels on Fishers Island from beginning to end while also documenting the history of boarding houses and small establishments like the Pequot. A section at the end features the fiery demise of the Big Club, whose 60-plus rooms were available only to members and their guests.

Regenerative Gardening. How to Garden with Mother Nature. This illustrated talk by Craig Floyd, tenth generation farmer from Stonington who currently is the farm manager at Coogan Farm in Mystic. A social activist and a Regenerative-No-Till No Spray Farmer, Craig is a TED Talk presenter and a frequent speaker on regenerative farming techniques.

Blowin’ in the Wind? The Latest on Offshore Wind Development in the Northeast. Tiffany Smythe, Assistant Professor of Maritime Policy, Strategy and Governance at the U.S. Coast Guard Academy, provides an update on offshore wind development throughout the region and shares highlights of her research on the political and social dimensions of offshore wind farms.

New videos will be posted on the Museum’s website when available.

Find all the recorded Illustrated Lecture videos that have been published online here:

Talks by Dir. Pierce Rafferty  |  Guest Lectures

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