ICB Special Meeting Recording 1SEP20 re: COVID_19


IHP IHP’s focus is on Island School this fall. Strategy a voluntary “Enroll, test, check, protect” protocol. Roughly half school population tested. IHP is managing FIS census, symptom tracker separately from resident census. Pending a new census for off-season residents. Arrangements being made to provide as many residents with flu vaccine as possible. 

Island School FIS first to open in Suffolk County. Multiple layers of protection/precaution. Students compliant. Contact tracing already performed successfully on member of school community. 38 Island students and 30 mainland students. 

Rec Path Soon, there will be an agreement to sign with the rec path foundation covering liability.

Link to September 1, 2020 Meeting Recording: https://youtu.be/4bsPHVq0pQ4

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