FI Yacht Club & FI School Collaboration

In mid-August as plans for re-opening the School in this COVID-19 pandemic were coming into view, there was a great collaboration between the FI Yacht Club and the Fishers Island School. As FIYC Commodore John Glendon wrote to the officers of the Yacht Club, it will enable more outside/fresh air time for the School students each academic day.

From: John Glendon
Date: August 17, 2020
Subject: FIYC Club Tent

Dear Board,
I want to let you know of a Flag decision before you see or hear about it from others. We were asked to donate the use of the Club’s tent to the Fishers Island School for the Fall months and if successful for the Spring months. After checking with Lincoln [White] who knows the tent much better than we do, he advised that the tent could be safely used by the school and that any wear and tear could be easily repaired. I spoke with [School Superintendent/Principal] Christian Arsenault about the school’s use, and I am more than satisfied that they will take good care of the tent and lower it during any windstorms to protect it.

He will use the tent to give his students socially distanced lunchtime breaks without masks, which will be a big deal for these kids. He also committed that he will work with his Board to make sure there are funds available in his budget in June to pay for any necessary washing and repairs. He emphasized to me that this gesture of support by the Club will save the School many, many thousands of dollars that will now be available to pay for other safety measures for the students and teachers.I am proud that your Flag officers agreed to make this important contribution to the Fishers Island School. The tent is widely associated with the Club with its colorful design and will be seen by the Island community on the school property.

I understand the tent goes up tomorrow in anticipation of the September 1 School starting date. If you are on the Island, drive by and feel good that our Club is making this important contribution to the safe opening of the Fishers Island School.


Thank you to John and his FIYC officers Tom Cashel, Ted Rogers, Tom DuPont, Stewart Cutler, Sam Marshall, Mike McNamara, Meris Enright, Louise Packard, Laurie Finan, Graham Siener, Brad Gibbs, Beth Scholle, and Richard Miller, and to FIYC Administrator Beth Arsenault

Additionally, the School community sends special thank yous to the Toldo Co. for delivery of the tent, and the awesome team that erected the tent at the School. Not an easy job completed by Christian and Beth Arsenault, with Business Manager Jim Egan, PE/Health Teacher and Athletic Director Adam Baber, Captain Dan Hayes, and FIS Alumnus Nicholas Hall ’19, with “supervisors and strap tighteners” Owen and Ben.

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