ICB Minutes July 14, 2020 w/Recording

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ICB July 2020 Meeting
Tuesday, July 14, 2020
Zoom Meeting

Total Participants: 150

NOTE: The Island Community Board has been hosting weekly Zoom video conference calls with the Fishers Island community each Tuesday night since March 30, focused on health issues and recommended protocols concerning the COVID-19 crisis. In preparation for and during the meetings, the ICB has worked with the Island Health Project (IHP) and many local organizations to help propel regular, updated island communications. On Friday of each week, a letter to the community from Dr. Ingram, along with advice and FAQ’s are posted to www.fishersisland.net and emailed to subscribers. Likewise, island organizations have been encouraged to post their own updates on the website, consistent with IHP/ICB protocols. The ICB will continue to work closely with IHP and all participating entities throughout the ongoing crisis to disseminate evolving Federal, State, and Local guidelines.

The ICB continues to meet monthly in a public forum with the community to review and discuss other Island priorities. Minutes are provided on these monthly ICB meetings, as usual.

ICB Representatives: Willard Soper (President), Candace Whitman (Vice President), Dicky Riegel (Treasurer – Seasonal), Meg Atkin (Year-Round), George DeMenil (Seasonal), Paul Giles (Fire District), John McGillian (FIDCO), Louisa Evans, Elizabeth McCance (Museum) among others

Staff:Mere Doyen (Southold), Nick Wilmerding (ICB)

Public: 150 members of the public attended the meeting via Zoom.

Approve March Minutes

Riegel motioned to approve the June minutes, pending a couple edits. M. Atkin seconded, the motion was moved and passed.

Treasurer’s Report

Dicky Riegel reported ICB’s finances are in good shape with a little under $5k in the bank. ICB relies on donations from individuals and organizations and donations can be made online at https://fishersisland.net/icb-members/icb-annual-appeal/ or checks can be mailed in to PO Box 371.

Bike Path and sidewalk update

Soper discussed the continued work of the bike path people to extend the path. They are waiting on the Town to sign off. The sidewalk bids should open soon now that the town is opened again. The stop signs are supposed to be on the town board agenda tonight but was not. He mentioned that M. Doyen will need to be replaced and ICB will work with Town on that. Look for posting.

School Report

Arsenault gave a PowerPoint presentation about what it means to go to FI School and talked about what seasonal residents need to know if they intend to stay on island into the fall. The school is going to provide a safe environment and will release the official reopening plan next week that will be posted online. Please check the school’s website.

Seagrass coalition

Whitman introduced Connor Jones from the H.L. Ferguson Museum. He presented a PowerPoint with information about the seagrass preservation efforts on FI and encouraged members of the community to participate in the seagrass survey, which is available online and will be distributed via email.

F.I. Fire District

Jeff Edwards read a statement about the volunteer fire crew on the island. He mentioned that the median age was 50 and that we really need to protect the EMT and Fire Dept. members. They are all volunteers and are putting themselves in harm’s way when they volunteer. This is why we really need people to follow all of the IHP protocols. He also thanked the office staff and gave a shout out to David Shillo for entering West Point Military Academy

IHP update

Whitman asked for everyone to act as a community. Dr. Ingram went over the recent occurrences of Covid 19 on the island, which are very few and have been limited in large part due to the IHP protocols in place. He discussed testing on the island and said that IHP is developing a program for a second wave of testing to ensure that all islanders have current tests.

Peter Lawrence reported for the FI Club and asked that we all take care of each other by being honest with each other and following IHP protocols. He thanked IHP and Dr. Ingram for all the planning and help leading up to the summer and now. He hoped that the recent false-positive Covid occurrence at the club will serve as a wake up call for the island.

Yacht Club and Dock Beach

The Yacht Club was temporarily closed to transient boaters for the season due to concerns over Covid 19, but has since been reopened, with due restrictions. Prior to the temporary closure, there had been many boats coming in and assuming they could come on the island (circumventing the IHP protocols).  In addition, there were boats coming ashore at Dock Beach. In response, the nets have been put up there to prohibit access.

Adjourned 6:00PM

There will be another update on Zoom next Tuesday, July 21 at 5PM.

Link to July 14, 2020 Meeting Recording: https://youtu.be/Mz6EFXfMYBc

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