Fog Horn August 2020

August 2020: A Fog Blanket – trying to keep the meadow warm on a September morn by Cecil Lyon 7AM 24SEP19

Volume 16 • Issue 8

In this Issue:
-IHP Letter #14 from Dr. Ingram
-Osprey Fledglings Report 2020
-Fishers Island School: Reopening Plan 2020-2021
-FI Conservancy’s Marine Debris Cleanup Story/Video
-Take 5 Minutes to Help Protect Seagrass!
-U.S. District Court in NY has upheld the state’s choice of a new dredge disposal site
-Pygmy Sperm Whale washed up on Fishers
-TLW 2020 Public Art Commission Installation w/ Antone Könst
-Thresher Shark caught off Fishers Island
-Gardening August 2020
-HL Ferguson’s 2020 Annual Exhibit: Coastal Defense Forts: Abandonment, Ruination & Repurposing
-Thank Yous & Acts of Kindness vs. COVID-19
-Fishers Island: Navigating COVID-19 / Business, Organization & Gov. Resources
-This Month at the Museum
-Ebb and Flow
-Calendar Events
and much more!

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