Thresher Shark caught off Fishers Island

WATERFORD, Conn. (WTNH)– After a successful day catching Sea Bass and Porgies on the Blackhawk Sport Fishing charter Wednesday, Captain Greg Dubrule decided to do some shark fishing just south of Fishers Island which can be seen off the Connecticut coast.

“And all of a sudden just like in Jaws one of the reals went off and the balloon popped and bingo we got the shark on,” said the captain.

Turns out it was a huge Thresher Shark.

“We fought it for about 45 minutes and we finally got it up to the boat,” said Captain Greg.

The shark was too big and too heavy to be weighed on the boat. So they bought their electric scale from the boat to the dock at The Dock restaurant and hoisted up the fish right there.

The fish weighed 355 pounds! Quite a catch and quite a thrill for the guests onboard.

“They all said that’s something they’re going to remember for the rest of their life,” said Blackhawk mate Brett Ellis.

“What’s amazing is to have a fish that big that close to Fishers Island. That’s what’s amazing,” said Captain Greg. “It’s not really a threat to the swimmers.”

But the Thresher’s long tail can be dangerous to anyone reeling it in.

“If it comes up and smacks ya it can break your ribs,” said Ellis.

This all comes as beaches close because of Great White sightings and attacks from Long Island to Maine.

Ellis reeled in a juvenile Great White on the Blackhawk a few weeks ago.

“About six feet long, probably 200, 250 pounds or so,” said Ellis.

He released it back into the water.

“Not many people are lucky enough to see something like that,” said Ellis.

Capt. Greg actually caught a Great White weighing more than 3,000 pounds way back in the day and many other sharks since then.

“There’s quite a few predators prowling,” said Captain Greg. “A lot more than what people know trust me.”

Most are in the deep waters of the ocean so when one like Wednesday’s is caught closer to the coast people take notice.

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